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A cell phone signal booster we carry won GOLD in 2020 Edison Awards

Apr 25, 2020

A cell phone signal booster we carry won GOLD in 2020 Edison Awards

The cell phone signal booster used in weBoost Installed wins GOLD in the 2020 Edison Awards Applied Technology section and is the Winner of the 2020 TWICE VIP Award in Smart Home & Automation: Signal Boosting category.

This award-wining product delivers strong and reliable cellular signals to consumers wherever they may be. The manufacturer continues developing the most technologically advanced and innovative cellular signal boosters to ensure that consumers always have the ability to stay connected.

With this signal boosting system, users no longer have to tolerate slow Internet, dropped calls, or interrupted service. It is the best-in-class indoor signal boosting solution in its price range, offering strong, reliable cellular connectivity in practically all homes in United States.

It is compatible with all North American wireless carriers and boosts cellular signal on any mobile device. With this improved signal boosting system, users can enjoy fast data streaming and reliable calls and texting anywhere in their homes. Its asthetics are so much nicer: fabric-covered inside antennas and user-friendly custom mounting brackets will complement all décor.

It is designed and manufactured in United States. With 46% more coverage than our the most-powerful consumer grade model, it comes with a 60-day money back guarantee from and a two-year manufacturer's warranty.

About the Edison Awards.

Named after Thomas Alva Edison, the Edison Awards recognize and honor the best innovations and innovators in the world. Winners of an Edison Award are chosen to be the best-of-the-best by some of the leading designers, business executives, academics, and innovation leaders from around the globe.

Many innovative business leaders and products have been honored since the Edison Awards began in 1987, recognizing excellence in the innovation, design, and the marketing of new product and service development. Open to competition worldwide, the prestigious and unique Edison Awards focus on both the innovators and the innovations. Indeed, one of the highest honors any company can receive concerning innovation and business success would have to be an Edison Award.


TWICE is the leading brand serving the B2B needs of those in the technology and consumer electronics industries. Anchored to a 20+ times a year publication, the brand covers consumer technology through a suite of digital offerings-, eNewsletters, events and custom content including native advertising, white papers, video and webinars. Leading companies and its leaders turn to TWICE for perspective and analysis in the ever changing and fast paced environment of consumer technology. With its partner at CTA (the Consumer Technology Association), TWICE produces the Official CES Daily.

How It Works.

Nominations for Edison Awards are reviewed by a Steering Committee. The final ballot is assessed by an impartial judging panel. More than 3,000 professionals make up the judging panel. These range from the fields of product design, engineering, development, marketing and education, and science. These include professional representations from a wide range of disciplines and industries.

2020 Edison Awards.

In 2020, the Gold, Silver, and Bronze Edison Award-winner announcements commenced on March 16, continuing through to April 6, 2020.

2021 Edison Awards.

Applications for the 2021 Edison awards will commence in August 2020. Please visit should you require any further information about the prestigious Edison Awards.

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  • Funny I read this because I’ve been trying to figure out which package deal to get when it comes to having a cell phone booster that comes with installation. I like weBoost and I have another reason to go with them now that it’s product has captured an industry award.

    Lola Burlington on
  • I think awards like this are great. You have to keep people motivated in their respective field, and for me as a consumer, I want to know WHO is the best. Good job.

    Some of these sassier comments. Meh. Get over yourselves.

    Marcus Henley on
  • I see some awards and laugh because it’s clear they’re one of those industry awards where everyone pats each other on the back. This one seems legit due to the number of people involved in the judging process. I like that cell phone boosters are getting some love because they’re a good resource.

    Daryll Miller on
  • weBoost is a big name in cell phone boosters so I’m glad they’re getting some deserved recognition. I saw a Fox News video about how more people are using cell phone boosters and it’s good the public is finally aware that they can come in handy, even if you don’t work from home.

    Darren Akney on
  • Congratulations on this big award. I thought the Edison Award would be given to someone who stole someone’s idea and passed it off as their own. Snarkiness aside, it’s cool to see a cell booster get an award because they sound like they do a lot to help. I don’t have the funds to get this one but if I did, I’d consider it over others.

    Ron Barr on

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