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Video: weBoost Installed Home Complete (474445) Including Free Installation*

Apr 24, 2020

Video: weBoost Installed Home Complete (474445) Including Free Installation*

The new weBoost Installed Home Complete (474445) cell phone signal booster is an easy solution to weak cellular coverage inside your home. It is easy because free installation included with purchase saves you time and effort of installing it yourself.* Watch video that illustrates "weBoost Installed Home Complete" consisting of hardware, as well as included professional installation by a certified installer. No installation required on your part. Simply open the box, call or schedule convenient time for installation, and an installer will arrive for installing it for you at no add'l charge. Then enjoy great mobile reception everywhere inside your home. weBoost Home Installed is the Winner of the 2020 TWICE VIP Award in Smart Home & Automation: Signal Boosting category.

*Since installation is included with this purchase, you essentially get free installation, meaning you do not pay installer after installation is complete.

Problems with a weak cell signal in your home?

Cell phones help us stay connected, share things with those who matter most, and keep in touch with the world around us. No matter where we live. A weak cell signal puts a stop to all that. Sure, you could decide to switch carriers, buy a new phone or move. Still, it is no guarantee that you won't experience dropped calls or slow data speeds while inside your home. Fortunately, there's an easier solution. It is called, "weBoost Installed", a powerful cell signal booster for your home.

What is weBoost Installed?

As the name implies, it includes professional installation. After you have opened the box of weBoost 474445 model, just go online and use the code to schedule your installation. Sometimes, as soon as the next day, no matter where you live, nationwide in all 50 states. As a trained and certified expert, your installer will do everything possible to ensure your experience is a flawless one. Once everything is set up, weBoost Installed brings the outside cell signal into your home. Then boosts that signal for indoor use, giving your home the best cell coverage possible.


No logins or phone pairing needed. No subscriptions or hidden fees. Just a one-time cost. Boom. You have now got amazing cell coverage. Go ahead. Keep up with your friends from college group text. Get faster internet to stay up to date with what is going on at all hours of the day. Binge watch your favorite shows without pauses or annoying interruptions. Enjoy those daily talks with your sister anywhere in your house. It works with any phone or cellular device on all carriers. Feels good knowing you will never miss a text or call again - even the ones you wish you could. Make your house a home for reliable signal with the weBoost-Installed-Home-Complete.

weBoost Installed Home Complete 474445 Summary:

weBoost Installed Home Complete 474445 Summary

weBoost Installed Home Complete (474445) cell signal booster purchase includes installation service. Schedule convenient time just as soon as you receive the kit. An installer will arrive then to install it for you within approx. 2 hr. time-frame. Buy now at:

Call for FREE consultation:


Or submit request for cellular booster installation which includes site survey, equipment, and installation.

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  • “Free installation.” What a phony move. I know cell phone boosters are helpful but don’t claim it’s free installation and put an asterisk afterwards.

    Myra Koltsava on
  • Christian, you ask “Is it possible to have trouble with your cell phone signal because more people are using cell phones around your home? “Yes, it is possible due to that but more likely there are new developments in your neighborhood such as a new building going up that might be blocking your cell tower, weakening the signal you’re getting and causing your problems (dropped calls, slow downloads, or whatever they might be.

    Greg Davidson on
  • Is it possible to have trouble with your cell phone signal because more people are using cell phones around your home? With kids and adults home more than ever, I seem like my cell phone isn’t getting as strong a signal as before. If that’s the case, I may get this booster and free installation package.

    Christian H. on
  • Has anyone here ever tried to install a cell booster in their home? Someone here mentioned the car ones look simple, but I don’t know about putting one in my home, especially if there’s any drilling or outside work involved (i.e. a ladder). “Upper management” would not be happy if I damaged our humble abode.

    Joe Hancock on
  • I’ve thought about boosters and putting one in my vehicle and one for my home. I’ve watched some of the installation videos and the motor vehicle ones look straight forward. The home ones might be for some people, but the drilling and stuff isn’t for me, which is why I’m starting to look at some of the combo packages.

    Trent Brooks on
  • While it’s not free installation (as others pointed out), the installation is reasonably priced as you get a strong booster here (from what I’ve seen, one of the best models out there). So installation isn’t free per se, but as a package deal, it’s a good deal.

    Kate Everett on
  • With more people stuck home, I’m noticing more complaints about cell coverage (and also Wi-Fi coverage). I was talking to a family member and they said they’ve noticed heavier traffic than before and I told them it’s because of the quarantine. I didn’t want to tell them they have lousy coverage because of where they live, and now they have the added factor of heavier traffic around them.

    Casey Franklin on
  • There must be a decent demand for cell phone boosters if people are doing installations now as more than just the old side hustle. I’m somewhat ambivalent about this. Can I install one and if not, am I too cheap to pay for a pro to do the work? I’ll have to think about this.

    J. Lake on
  • Uh, I hate to break it to you, but when you include installation in the price, it’s not free installation. You’re just hiding the cost of installation with the booster. Whoever decided to write this article should be fired as it looks sketchy saying “free installation” then you see there’s nothing free about it. This is the first time I’ve seen something sketchy like this here and I hope it’s the last time.

    Joseph Foster on
  • This poor guy doesn’t have a clue. Good thing his wife/gf knows what’s what. In a world where technology keeps getting better and better, I find it ironic that we still need things like cell phone boosters to make sure everything is working right.

    Eli Kenneth on

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