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Essentials for Working from Home Include Cell Phone Signal Booster

Aug 31, 2021

Essentials for Working from Home Include Cell Phone Signal Booster

If weak wireless signal is causing inconvenience while working from home, our cell phone signal boosters will fix that problem and help you work effortlessly without having to work hard just to find good signal inside your home. #workfromhome.

In our modern connected world, many companies globally allow some or most of their employees to work remotely or from home. There's plenty of technology available to make this scenario feasible, while also ensuring that a company's data remains secure.

With the coronavirus outbreak in China in December 2019, and its subsequent rapid spread across the world in 2020, the World Health Organization (WHO) declared the Covid-19 virus as a pandemic. Thereafter, companies and governments globally have stepped up efforts to limit the virus' spread. The most effective method to do this has been found to be social distancing.

Although there are many different things that can be done to slow and ultimately stop the spread of Covid-19, one of the core principles is to somehow prevent big groups of people getting together. In order to achieve this, many schools have been closed across the world and countless big business, sporting, cultural and social events have been cancelled.

From a business perspective, implementing social distancing becomes tricky to implement as it could have a huge economic impact on the company. Some retailers have already closed down all their stores globally, while others like Microsoft, Facebook and Amazon have requested that wherever possible, their employees don't come into the office but work from home.

Looking for easy "work from home" opportunities?

If you're one of those that would like to work from home to stay safe, you will be glad to know that there're many ways to do so. The simplest way is to become your own boss by starting your own business from home. While it is easier said than done, you may be able to do that and become very successful at it.

Many start with a free trial of Shopify like this website started a few years ago. If you don't have a warehouse to stock products and ship from, no worries - you can simply download a free dropshipper app for Shopify, and you can be in business. Then you can list the products at retail prices (products that your dropshipper sells), and pay the wholesaler (dropshipper) at wholesale prices in order to make a profit.

The dropshipper would do all the heavylifting which includes shipping the products to your customers that order from your Shopify website. The dropshipping app makes everything easy and seamless - request sent to selected dropshipper to charge at wholesale and then ship when order received; Shopify Payments sends the money earned at retail prices to your designated bank account or PayPal account.

Few challenges to tackle, but there're great solutions.

Although many employees and newly self-employed business owners may at first glance love this idea as they think that it will be easier to get work done at home rather than at the office (or do business online - from home), for those that are not used to working from home - there will be a number of unexpected challenges that need to be overcome.

Reliable Network Connectivity.

Apart from having to find a dedicated space in your home from which you can work without being interrupted by other members of the household, and having the discipline to actually put in the hours your boss will expect from you, one of the biggest unexpected challenges when working from home is having reliable network coverage.

If you have to work from home for a company, your employer will expect to be able to reach you easily in various ways during normal office hours. You will need to be able to connect via email, via Skype or Teams, and via your cell phone.

While working at the office, we take this connectivity for granted as it is always there and happens automatically. What many people don't realize is that in most companies, there are normally several reliable networks in place and if one experiences problems, another one simply takes over, often without users even being aware of a problem.

At your home, this is however not the case. If your WiFi router fails, you won't have any connectivity anymore. Wifi routers and boosters help with this. #workfromhome.

Another potential connectivity problem is with your cell phone. Cell phone reception at your home might not be great and you may experience an occasional dropped call, garbled message, slow network speeds, or find that you get the clearest reception while standing at a specific place. While this scenario may be perfectly acceptable for private use, it may well cause problems in a business environment. You definitely don't want a call to drop when talking to your boss or an important client, or struggle to hear what they are saying.

Even if your cell phone reception at home has always been pretty good, the current health-crisis scenario and social distancing could change that. Cell phones work from a network similar to a normal WiFi network at home, but at a much bigger scale using cell phone towers in area. These networks can however be overloaded if too many people and devices use them at the same time. If this happens, your cell phone connection that is normally so clear and reliable can suddenly start behaving erratically.

With the pandemic resulting in more schools being closed and an increasing number of people being asked to work from home, or having to stay home for quarantine purposes, it is only logical that cellular network traffic is increasing dramatically, and there's a high probability that cellular services will at times be bad if the network gets overloaded.

If you're working from home and having a reliable cellular connection is non-negotiable, there's fortunately a device you can easily use to maximize the reliability of your cellular network. These're known as cell phone signal boosters.

Cell Phone Signal Boosters for your Home Office.

Cell phone signal boosters work by taking existing cellular signal outside, amplifying it, and then rebroadcasting the stronger signal inside through a specific spaces where needed indoors. They are simple devices that can be used in your home office and will completely eliminate weak cellular signals and dropped calls. Signal boosters work with all types of cellular devices, often enabling faster data speeds than that achieved by some wired connections.

Our signal boosters are approved by the FCC, are perfectly safe, and can be delivered anywhere in USA and Canada. They are easy to install, and although they need an existing cell signal to work, they will improve the network connectivity at your home office substantially. Professional installation service is available, if you feel you need it.

Cellular signal boosters:

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  • Starting a home business is easy—making it successful requires hard work and determination. I know if you plan on working from home and you use a cell phone, you have to make sure your phone has a strong connection, especially if you’re doing any type of customer service. No one likes being disconnected or struggling to hear the person on the other line.

    Reggie Horowitz on
  • I love working from home. There are so many advantages—not having to drive to work, not dealing with co-workers, and a much more relaxed atmosphere (no kids so I’m set). My only problem was that I only have a cell phone so I was having some issues with call quality. Nothing serious but enough that I was worried it could affect my ability to work. I know about cell phone boosters now so I’m going to try one out. First, I’ll see if I can get work to pay for it. LOL (especially if they’ll pay for a cell phone booster and installation package).

    Randy C. on
  • We started a signal booster for work-at-home employees. We need a boost for everything right now: phones, computer wifi and more. Anything to help me work a little more efficiently is a good thing. jj

    jada jay on
  • When you start a business, the last thing you want is additional start-up expenses. I know because I have my own business. However, there are some situations where it’s better to make an investment in the future. For me, it was buying a new computer to make sure I could do my work using the most up-to-date software with no hassles. I can also see where people working in the gig economy would want a cell phone booster. I’m looking at getting a wi-fi booster myself.

    Cal Pearson on
  • So many people are working at home and using their cell phones either because they don’t have landlines or they do, but they want to keep them free for other use. Can you imagine a client calling you on the phone and you putting them on hold because Grandma is calling about getting toilet paper? People need their cell phones and they need them to work at peak effectiveness.

    Lee Hall on
  • Question: “Do you know if businesses are paying for boosters for their employees forced to work from home?” Answer: It would make sense for them to do that if they care about their employees being able to communicate clearly with clients. With muffled voices on cell phones due to bad reception, a misunderstanding or frustration of not being able to hear the company representative may cause loss of business as well because clients will call other businesses instead to get their product or service. I would call my employer and ask if they will pay for a signal booster so you can talk more comfortably instead of worrying whether the customer can hear you or not.

    Terry B. on
  • Talk about a timely article! I know the health crisis was just getting started in the U.S. when this was posted, but it’s one of those “the right place at the right time” pieces. Question. Do you know if businesses are paying for boosters for their employees forced to work from home? I know some people are looking at some potentially long time at home and these boosters would help.

    Gwen Scofield on

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