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Lowest Price Cell Phone Signal Boosters For Under $200

Feb 16, 2019

Lowest Price Cell Phone Signal Boosters For Under $200

The following lowest price cell phone signal boosters are lowest-end entry-level kits that may suffice for your needs.

In-Building Cell Phone Booster For Under $200:

For example, if you have a 4G / LTE phone with Verizon Wireless, AT&T Wireless, T-Mobile, or any of their MVNO's - the FlareDB+ cell signal booster listed below can work out great for you! It boosts signals of bands 12 & 13 for those carriers.

If you have a 3G phone, the 3G cellular booster listed below may be good enough to boost signal reception coverage for ALL 3G networks of all Carriers and all bands for multiple cell-devices inside your home or office spanning an area of up to 2,500 sq. ft.

If you need to expand coverage to larger indoor coverage area and/or need to boost signals for multiple 4G/LTE smartphones simultaneously, then the cost would increase to $299.99 & up with our low to mid-tier cell amplifier kits.

In-Vehicle Cell Phone Boosters For Almost Under $200:

Are you looking to improve wireless reception inside your vehicle, but can get by with boosting a single cellphone or mi-fi mobile hotspot? In that case, any of the four in-vehicle mobile amplifiers by SureCall or weBoost (premium consumer grade brand owned by Wilson Electronics) listed below respectively, should get the job done.

All four above cell phone booster kits are very portable meaning they can be moved from one vehicle to another in just a minute, or two minutes. Please note that only the 2nd one (Fusion2Go 2.0) can boost multiple cell devices at the same time - the rest can only improve reception for one cellular device that is placed on the cradle. Browse more vehicle kits that are premium higher end ones, here.

If you need to enhance cellular signals to other type vehicles such as a RV, you're looking at a higher cost of $429.99 for a multi-user RV cell phone booster kit.

Cell phone signal boosters with and without installation service (Video)

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  • Boosters under $200? I am impressed and I am not a person who is easily impressed. These aren’t knock-off cell phone boosters or something you’d find on Wish. These are name brand cell phone boosters I’ve heard about and thought about buying. So happy I came across this information because it means I can probably get a booster for my home and car.

    Cameron Dibney on
  • Count me in if there’s a cell phone booster around $300. I’ve wanted to get one for the last year or so, but I was waiting for the price to come down. Being as cheap as I am, I suppose I could wait but I need a booster because the signal in my home is always weak. Once I get one for my home, I’m going to think about getting a phone booster for my car if I like the home one.

    Francis Collazo on
  • I really want a cell phone booster for my car, but money is tight. The SureCall Fusion Trek looks like it’s just what I need and it meets my budget. I only need it for my personal phone so it seems like the rest fit at the right price. Frankly, it’s about time these boosters came down in price as they’ve been around for quite a while now.

    Tibor Schmitt on

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