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Expand Your Home WiFi Coverage With Wi-Fi Booster

Apr 16, 2019

Expand Your Home WiFi Coverage With Wi-Fi Booster

Are you having trouble accessing Internet on your office or home wi-fi - in one or more areas that are far from your wifi router? A wifi booster or wifi blaster will expand coverage to boost wifi to those dead zones where a strong wireless signal does not reach. This wifi boosting or wifi blasting device is very easy to set-up: Plugs into any wall electrical outlet.

High Speed Wi-Fi up to 1200 Mbps and Dual Band 2.4GHz + 5GHz Coverage:

Dual Band High Speed Wifi Booster

Triple Wi-Fi Connectivity Options to Facilitate Several Applications (AP, Repeater, Router Modes):

WiFi AP, Repeater, Router Modes

Enjoy Strong Wi-Fi Signals Anywhere Needed - Living Room, Balcony, Bedroom, Study Room:

Strong Wi-Fi Signals Anywhere Needed: Living Room, Balcony, Bedroom, Study Room

Wi-Fi Booster is Easy to Install, Set-up, Connect, and Use:

WiFi Booster Easy to Install, Set-up, Connect, and Use

Packed with Useful and Powerful Features with Great Benefits:

Wi-Fi Booster Packed with Useful and Powerful Features

Explore other wifi signal strengthening solutions available, including point to point (P2P) wireless bridge, and professional installation service by certified installers.

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  • I think I missed something here. You mention improving your Wi-Fi coverage with a Wi-Fi booster or a Wi-Fi blaster. You don’t go into any details on what makes a blaster different from a booster? Seriously, a blaster sounds like it’s got some serious power but what do I know? It also sounds like it could be something from a Marvel movie.

    Lloyd Wagner on
  • I’ve always felt that Wi-Fi is one of the worst culprits when it comes to signals fluctuating between slow and fast. Whatever affects Wi-Fi, it just seems to happen all the time. I can’t figure out why my Wi-Fi signal is so erratic but I am in the process of considering whether or not to buy a Wi-Fi booster. I’ll have to keep looking around to see what the best Wi-Fi booster is for what I’m looking to do and for what I’m willing to pay.

    Art Barnes on
  • Lots of options to choose from. I hate the slow wi-fi I get at the end of my house. I’ve thought of putting my wi-fi router in another location, but then it will just move the problem to other areas. A wi-fi router doesn’t cost as much as I thought so I’ll have to consider getting one for my home.

    Emma Powell on

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