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Funny Video of Horrible Cell Phone Signal Reception Problem

Apr 17, 2019

Funny Video of Horrible Cell Phone Signal Reception Problem

At one point or another in our lives, almost all of us have experienced that moment when the person on other end of our cell phone connection cannot hear us, or we cannot hear them (or both) due to horrible cellular reception. Here's a very funny and cool musical video that depicts that with entertaining music beats. This funny video sums up the frustration we feel when words such as "What?", "Hello?", or "I cannot hear you!" have to be repeated over and over. It can be very annoying, very funny, and even very aggravating depending upon the situation or from the way we see it from our perspective. Therefore, we would like to give you a cautionary note that the following cell phone signal video can thus be too funny, too aggravating, or too annoying for some to watch.

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  • I bet people weren’t laughing during the pandemic when they were quarantined and trying to make cell phone calls along with everyone in their neighborhood. Talk about a living commercial for signal boosters…

    Finley Nash on
  • I was hoping to see people raising their phone up in the air, walking towards a window, or buying a silly sticker that promises to boost their signal. I love watching people who try to boost their cell phone signal at home for free. Some of the methods work (like switching back and forth from airplane mode) but some are useless and a waste of money (like those crazy antenna stickers).

    Jonathon Blackshire on

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