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Fire Code Terminology Related to RF and Signal Enhancement Systems

Feb 17, 2019

Listed below are acronyms of several fire code terminologies related to wireless communications based on radio frequencies, telecommunication coverage areas, and mobile telecom or public safety signal enhancement systems for densifying in-building coverage of commercial cellular or public safety radio frequency bands including FirstNet:

  • ARC System: Auxiliary Radio Communication.
  • DAS: Distributed Antenna System.
  • ECRS: Emergency Communications Radio System.
  • ERCES: Emergency Radio Communication Enhancement Systems.
  • ERCS: Emergency Radio Coverage System.
  • ERRCS: Emergency Responder Radio Coverage Systems.
  • IBECRES: In-Building Emergency Communication Radio Enhancement Systems.
  • IBERRES: In-Building Emergency Responder Radio Enhancement System.
  • IBERRS: In-Building Emergency Responder Radio Systems.
  • IBPSCS: In-Building Public Safety Communication Systems.
  • IBPSRSB: In-Building Public Safety Radio Signal Booster.
  • IBRS: In-Building Radio System.
  • PSBDA: Public Safety Bi-Directional Amplifier.
  • PSIBCS: Public Safety In-Building Communications Systems.
  • PSRES: Public Safety Radio Enhancement System.
  • PSSB: Public Safety Signal Booster.
  • RCES: 2-way Radio Communication Enhancement Systems.
  • SBS: Signal Booster System.

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  • I get dizzy looking at all these acronyms. I’m familiar with public safety signal boosters but I have no need to understand all the terms mentioned here. I’m sure somebody does but that person isn’t me.

    Ed Patkowski on
  • This was cool. I’m into technobabble (as my friends call my passion for technology and the technical terminology related to it). These RF and signal enhancement systems are lifesavers for first responders and anyone needing assistance in a building. I wonder how familiar first responders are with this different terminology?

    Gary Olsen on

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