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Fixed Price Cell Phone Signal Booster with Installation Package

May 05, 2020

Fixed Price Cell Phone Signal Booster with Installation Package

To help improve cellular coverage without installation hassle, offers affordable fixed price cell phone signal booster-with-installation package for practically all homes in United States. Leave the technical and mechanical work of installation for our expert because the purchase includes complete cellular amplifier kit plus professional installation by a certified installer.

If you're not comfortable climbing on the roof to install antenna, nor able to drill a hole to run a cable, cell phone booster-and-installation package for residences up to 7500 sq. ft. is the way to go. Buy multiple kits if yours is among the 10% of homes that are larger than that. For commercial businesses, please submit request for in-building installation because the cost can vary depending on amount of square footage that requires better mobile coverage. It can also vary based on whether installation is needed in a residential location, or at a business property. For professional installation in vehicles, submit request here.

Call for details:


Or submit details for building cell booster with installation service.

If you're comfortable with required installation, you can buy a cheaper DIY installation cellular amplifier, and install it on your own.

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  • A cell phone booster that comes with the installation included is something I didn’t know was an option. I’ve heard about these boosters since the virus has kept people stuck at home and doing appearances on Zoom and all that. I haven’t had to do that but I hear they can help you when you can’t get a clear call.

    Jackie G. on
  • You had me at “if you’re not comfortable climbing on the roof to install antenna.” I don’t like getting on a step ladder to change a light bulb let alone climbing the roof. A phone booster that comes with installation sounds right up my alley (let someone else climb the ladder).

    Darius Smythe on
  • To have an all-in-one package isn’t too bad. I think it’s just too much for me to think about, so anything to take out the pressure is WORTH IT to me.

    MARTY J on
  • I was unsure about this package until I clicked the “cell phone signal booster-with-installation” hyperlink and read everything that is included. I’ve wanted to get a booster for at least the last year, but I’m worried if I try hooking it up, I won’t get the full effect or even worse, it might not do much at all. Between the monthly payments and quality of the booster that comes with it, this is definitely for me.

    Derek Taylor on
  • While some people are uncertain about the costs involved, the actual installation cost is quite reasonable and from what I’ve seen, the main cost (as you might expect) is the booster. For people who don’t have the time or the expertise (like me), this is probably the way to go.

    John Gomez on
  • If an installer is scheduled to arrive through a popular company such as, then you know that they will do a good job because otherwise would not risk a return nor risk their reputation if not installed properly. Their installers are not only certified but also experienced at what they do because they have been installing for years. At the risk of sounding like a commercial, it’s a win-win situation.

    Darren Frost on
  • I’ve been fortunate during the current COVID crisis in that I’ve been able to work. I do know I need a phone booster because working at home has made me realize how weak my signal is (I didn’t use my phone that much at home because I have a landline too). Unless the installation price is ridiculous, I’d like to throw some business to someone who can help me with an install.

    Ann Oranto on
  • When it comes to cell phone booster installs, are there any certifications I should look for in an installer’s resume? I don’t think I’d have any problem installing one, but if the install charge is reasonable, I’d rather leave it to a more qualified person. The problem is, how do I know if they’re good?

    Sally Rich on
  • No matter how easy cell phone boosters may be to install, I like the idea of a professional technician installing it for me. It’s just one of those peace of mind situations.

    Bernie Ford on

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