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Cyber Monday Sale on Cell Boosters for Homes & Offices

Nov 03, 2021

Cyber Monday Sale on Cell Boosters for Homes & Offices

<- Psst, the sale has been extended ->

During this Cyber Monday sale, get 10% OFF on select apartment, office or home cell phone boosters (respective promos will popup or appear on listing page). Furthermore, get free shipping on contig. 48 USA orders of $100+ (automatic, no coupon code required). However, to get respective discounts, buyers must use limited time offer discount promo coupon code shown.

Our discounted signal coverage amplifiers become more attractive with free shipping, and bonus free parts worth $100s. Most kits include other discounted parts to add value to your investment like our lightning surge protectors. Promotion is valid even after Cyber Monday, November 29, 2021, until further notice.

Top cell phone signal booster for your home.

Our wonderful Cyber-Monday sales deals, discounts and bonuses and free shipping mean your weekend and holiday season won't be characterized by dropped calls and poor data speeds. Whether it is your home, apartment or business premises, we have some of the top quality cell phone signal boosters in the industry.

They boost all USA provider service signals such as those from AT&T Wireless, Verizon Wireless, T-Mobile, and Sprint. They also boost mobile reception of all Canadian carriers including Bell Mobility, Telus, Rogers Wireless, and Freedom Mobile. They are also perfect gift items for those you love, especially at this holiday season when you need to keep in touch without broken signals and poor coverage which sometimes lead to broken hearts:(

Why Cyber Monday, really?

After celebrating Thanks Giving on the fourth Thursday of every November in United States, the immediate Monday thereafter is known as Cyber Monday. It was coined to persuade shoppers to make the most of the great deals on the web by Scott Silverman and Ellen Davis on 28th November 2005. In 2015 alone, CyberMonday had online shoppers taking advantage of wonderful promotional deals worth $2.98 billion!

Most retailers will begin offering their promotional sales online from midnight 12am on Monday, November 29th, 2021. However, our 2021 Cyber Monday pre-sale starts much earlier so you don't have to wait. This saves you time to do your other shopping on Cyber Monday at other retailer stores that do not offer discounts before that day.

As our esteemed customer, you're not left behind! Our deals includes free shipping, 10% off on cell phone signal boosters for homes, offices and apartments with cart total of $399+. Cell phone boosters are available for small, medium or large spaces, and free bonus parts worth hundreds of dollars included in many instances.

Pick select cell phone coverage amplifier today or from the list shown below. Then checkout with the payment of your choice such as PayPal or card payment securely and use the discount promotional code provided at the top.

Fusion 5s.

Fusion5s for $850 is a perfect home or office cell phone signal booster to reduce dropped calls, enhance 4G LTE and 3G data networks and boost text and voice reception. With up to +72dB Gain, it includes great free bonus parts worth $108. Covers indoor spaces of between 5,000 and 7,000 square feet.

Fusion 4 Home.

Fusion4Home Yagi Exterior & Panel Interior Antenna Booster Kit or $499.99 is a very good value cellular reception booster to increase text, voice, 4G LTE and 3G signals. With up to +72 dB Gain, it works with all Canadian and USA cell carriers. Best for indoor spaces of up to 5,000 square feet.

Flare 3.0.

Flare 3.0 for $379.99 minimizes dropped call problems by increasing 4G LTE, text and voice network reception exponentially over up to 3,000 sq. ft. With up to +72dB Gain and exterior Yagi antenna, it works with all carriers enhancing cellular reception 8 times more than its earlier version. Buy two or buy accessories to get 10% off with order total of $399+

Home 15K.

Home 15K for $854.99 is a good value signal booster kit. It effectively boosts 2G voice, 3G and 4G LTE data networks for up to 150 users simultaneously. Covers office, apartment or home indoor space of up to 15,000 square feet with a 3-year warranty.

Home 10K.

Home 10K for $549.99 is a very good value signal booster kit that boosts 4G, 3G, text and voice signals. Includes +65 dB gain and 3-year warranty. Perfect for indoor spaces of up to 10,000 square feet.


Enjoy 10% off select cell phone signal amplifiers in store - this Cyber Monday (same as our cell phone signal booster Black Friday sale)!

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  • People, check out the deals I found here because they worth looking at:

    Jim on
  • I saw that there’s a Fourth of July sale here at but looking at this reminds me that the holidays aren’t too far away. I wonder if anyone is going to ask for a cell phone booster for their home or car as a gift? 2020 and 2021 really showed the need for boosters so there may be a new hot gift item like Tickle Me Elmo was.

    Sylvia Payne on
  • I’ll never buy a cell phone booster. I think if a cell phone doesn’t work right, it’s because the cell phone is a piece of garbage. Spending more money on a cell phone booster seems like a waste of money.

    Verne G. on
  • People can find great deals on Black Friday and Cyber Monday but not everyone has money on those days (or even credit). I’m glad is extending its Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals so people aren’t restricted to a handful of days.

    Tony Gooden on
  • I was reading elsewhere that Wilson electronics has been doing signal boosters for a long time. However, are they still good? I know they’re around, but I want to know if they’re still the best or if someone has overtaken them. The only reason I’m asking is because I saw a ton of ads for cell phone signal boosters on Black Friday. I’m the kind of consumer who likes to get the very best product, but I don’t like paying for a brand name if it isn’t the best.

    Jacob Peterson on
  • Lots of products here on sale today whether it’s media, clothes, or electronics. More people are looking at cell phone signal boosters because no matter what kind of phone they have, there’s always a problem with connectivity. Just going into a mall or big box store reminds me how easy it is to lose a signal and I experience the same headaches at home. I just wish stores would get one of those Wilson pro signal boosters so customers can use their cell phones while they’re shopping. It’s a lot easier doing price checks in the store with your phone rather than stepping outside to get a signal.

    Mandy Jackson on
  • Can anyone tell me if they’ve used Weboost signal boosters? I’m tired of weak cell phone signals due to bad weather conditions. I live with wild fluctuations in temperatures which often results in high winds. For some reason, the high winds make it difficult to get a clear signal when I’m on the phone. I’d like to get a signal booster if I can find one at a discount and what better day to look for a discount than on Cyber Monday?

    W.F. Hodgkins on
  • I almost forgot it was Cyber Monday! Yeah, hard to believe but I was off the Internet during most of the holiday weekend. For some reason, I haven’t caught on to the whole Cyber Monday thing. I hear it’s a great way to save money, but I’m still stuck on Black Friday. Then again, some of the deals overlap so it’s easy to understand why I get confused. I have been looking for a Wilson Pro signal booster and came across this site’s deals. I would like to get someone else to buy one for me, but I may break down and get one for myself.

    Murray Whitman on
  • Cyber Monday has really come into its own as a way for people to get some great deals without having to do with the chaos known as Black Friday. Why risk your neck when you can shop online and look for the best deals? I wasn’t even sure if I wanted a cell phone signal booster until I started hearing about them from people and online. If I can get an excellent deal, I plan on getting one. If I don’t, I’ll wait and see if a bargain comes along. Can’t wait to see what’s out there because you can get some outstanding deals when you least expect it.

    Jay Pertwee on
  • While I hate Black Friday, I love Cyber Monday. It allows me to do all my shopping while I’m kicking back in my sweats and enjoying a coffee. Black Friday is too much like the running of the bulls for me and I’m proud to say I’ve never gone out on Black Friday to shop. I have been looking for the best cell phone signal boosters for my home for the last year and figure Cyber Monday might be a good chance to get one. I’ve heard cell phone boosters continue to be upgraded and there are now portable cell phone signal boosters you can use in your home and your car. Can’t say if this is the year I’ll get one but if I see a deal on Cyber Monday, I’m grabbing one.

    Dillon Jacobson on
  • “What exactly is a call drop/dropped call?” A dropped call is when you’re talking to someone and the call ends abruptly. You nor the person you’re talking to has hung up, it’s a case where the call ends abruptly. Why? The reason is your phone lost its signal so it can’t function. It’s like snipping a phone cord while you’re chatting with someone. Cell phones rely on steady signals from cell phone towers, but a lot of things can interfere with your signal such as materials, weather, etc. You can help yourself in a number of ways including mapping your home for the best place to call, using apps to help, and getting a cell phone booster so your signal is boosted and constantly strong, hence no dropped calls. I hope I answered your question.

    Simon Robertson on
  • I don’t know if it’s too late to take advantage of the sale, but I have a question. What exactly is a call drop/dropped call? I see that language and am curious what it signifies.

    Kent Dillard on
  • I’ve been doing my Christmas shopping online since the early 2000’s and was so glad when retailers finally got with the program and started a virtual version of Black Friday. Now, I’m glad I can get some deals on electronics including ways how to increase my cell phone signal strength. Cyber Monday is going to be good this year because I can finally let the people in my life who are shopping online know where to get me a signal booster.

    Dee Potter on
  • I’ve been thinking about getting something that will help me how to increase my cell phone signal strength. However, while these look helpful (and I’ve heard some good things about boosters), I’ve been a bit strapped for cash. The 10% savings might just be the thing I need. My home office will definitely celebrate the purchase AND the savings.

    Hank Keller on

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