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Black Friday Sale on Signal Booster for Car, Truck, RV

Nov 23, 2017

Black Friday Sale on Signal Booster for Car, Truck, RV

Black Friday sale gets you 10% off any vehicle cell phone signal booster of $500 or more, and enjoy extra bonuses plus free shipping! Must use limited time offer coupon code shown above at the checkout.

We understand with Thanksgiving, Christmas and the entire holiday season, you will probably be on the road a lot. Rather than stop your life we have the best, high quality and FCC approved car, truck, RV and marine vessels cell phone signal boosters to keep you talking, texting and browsing the internet without disruptions. More importantly, get your vehicle cellular coverage amplifier at 10% off and we will ship it free!

Vehicle cellular signal amplifiers.

As you drive your RV, truck, car or boat you will be moving farther from the closest cell towers. The signal will be weak if any at all. Mobile cell phone reception boosters will strengthen your cell signal to enable you to call with your smartphone and browse the web online with your Tablet or Smartphone whenever needed. You will also be able to receive calls, avoid missed and dropped calls while texting and updating family and friends on social media from your boat or car.

Our signal boosters improve reception of voice, text, 3G and 4G LTE networks simultaneously for all users and work with all cell phone carriers across United States and Canada.

Why Black Friday deals?

Since the 19th century, United States has always had a holiday after Thanksgiving. Abraham Lincoln's designation of the fourth Thursday of every November as the Thanksgiving Day culminated in an unofficial day thereafter that kicked off the jolly Christmas season. Today, the day has been christened Black Friday. It has taken a path of its own since 1952 as retailers open overnight and early in the morning to offer shoppers promotional sales on all manner of items. In about 24 states in the United States, Black Friday falls on government employees’ public holiday just after Thanksgiving.

To help you kick off the holiday season in style, this Black Friday sales include superb vehicle cell phone signal booster kits, free bonus parts, free shipping and extra 10% off $500 worth of purchase!

Whether you’re thinking of a boat holiday or road trip, the following examples of discounted cell phone signal boosters will help get you connected with the mainland, family and friends, all the time.

Shakespeare Super Halo 3G 4G LTE RV Marine Cellular Booster.

Shakespeare SuperHalo is a marine vessel cellular amplifier that boosts 4G LTE, 3G, text and voice networks for all cell providers across North America. Plug and play installation with multiple user support. This marine signal booster kit purchase includes a free 12V Power Splitter that helps open up an extra charging port.

Smooth-Talker Mobile X6 Pro.

SmoothTalker Mobile X6 Pro is an extremely powerful booster for voice, 3G and 4G LTE coverage. Free bonus parts included. Includes 11-inch magnet antenna with a large base.

Smooth-Talker RV X6 Pro.

SmoothTalker RV X6 Pro is a powerful wireless motor home and recreational vehicle signal booster. With an omni directional high gain antenna, it boosts 3G, 4G LTE and voice networks for all carriers across United States and Canada. Includes free bonus parts and all you need for instant installation.

SureCall Fusion2Go 2.0 RV.

SureCall Fusion2Go 2.0 RV Canada is a powerful 3 Watts cell phone signal booster for all Canadian cell service providers. Increases 4G LTE, 3G, text and voice networks. Simple, fast set up offering multiple user support instantaneously. Note: This unit cannot be purchased for use within USA.


Enjoy free bonus parts, free shipping, additional 10% of your purchase for a perfect connected weekend with our discount Black Friday cell phone signal booster sales (same as our cell phone signal booster Cyber Monday sale)!

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  • I’ve been in RV’s and my take is they are awful for cell phones. I don’t know if it’s the RV’s are structured or the materials they’re made of, but I have a lot of difficulties using my cell phone in an RV. Can anyone share their experiences as far as what the best cell phone boosters are for camping? I’m seeing more rv cell phone booster reviews, but I don’t know which rv 4g signal booster is the best choice. I see there Weboost has a rv 4g cellular signal booster and Wilson has a signal booster 4g extreme tv kit too. However, what’s the difference between the two and what does extreme tv mean?

    Jack Dykstra on
  • My older relatives are finally discovering the potential of talking while they’re in a car. I was thinking of something to get for my relatives with bad cell phones. I like to be able to talk with them but there’s nothing as annoying as repeatedly being asked what I said. Some of them are losing their hearing so they need the clearest signal possible. I’d also feel better if I knew they had a reliable signal in case they need to reach me or EMS in an emergency.

    Gus Majors on
  • Cell phone signal boosters seem like they’ve become more widespread. I think a good indicator is seeing them listed in Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales events. They’re definitely a good accessory to have when you’re looking how to increase your cell signal strength. Now that prices are going down, the holiday deals are looking appealing to me.

    James Most on
  • Buy! Buy! Buy! It’s a good idea to have consistently reliable cell phone signals, but how do I improve my cell phone signal strength without dropping a lot of cash? These look good and I am interested. Black Friday actually means something for me this year as usually it’s a bunch of garbage where I have to battle jabronis looking for the latest TV or toy.

    Ryan Anthony on
  • So glad I stumbled across this. I do a lot of talking in my ride and I get a lot of dropped calls. While other people waste money on junk like movies and games, I like things that make my life easier. In this case I’ll be able to drive around town, knowing my cell phone signal strength is improved. I may have to charge my friends not only for gas, but for enhanced cell phone coverage when they ride in my car. Black Friday just got sweet!

    Craig Evans on

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