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Fox News Video: Signal Boosters Improve Cell Phone Reception

Sep 05, 2021

Video Transcription:

Tech tools Americans are turning to, during the coronavirus pandemic.

Kurt Knutsson, the Cyberguy, reveals the top tech tools people are using to communicate during the Coronavirus pandemic.

The coronavirus pandemic is affecting every American in some way, and right now, technology has become an even bigger part of our lives. Millions of people are working from home trying to connect with friends via their other phones and computers, and kids are learning online. Kurt Knutsson, the Cyberguy, breaks down some tech tools you may have never thought you'd be relying on.

Boosting cell phone signals in the home.

You're probably getting the same questions I am constantly, which is I'm now at home, I'm working from home, we're spending so much time at home. I've got some internet glitches. It seems like everybody's on there all at the one time. Well, good news is I have been testing out something, this technology that I never knew I needed will boost our cell phone signals while inside the house. It's called Surecall Fusion4Home. And this is the omni/whip version, which doesn't have wires. You hook this to your roof on one end, and you put the box inside your house and suddenly, it brings the cellular connection inside your house so that the whole family has super fast data, has no dropped calls. It really, really genuinely works amazingly, and it's affordable at 260 bucks on Amazon.

Video apps for communication.

A lot of people are also asking, first of all, how do you add people to a single video call like on FaceTime? Well, everybody now is discovering the best group app for video chats is Zoom. Zoom is widely popular because it doesn't matter what device anybody has. They can use Zoom on just about any device, and it's super easy to invite people onto it. Some privacy concerns there. Just make sure that you're aware of them when you're using Zoom And then also, one that the teens are buzzing about- House Party app is one where you can invite up to about eight friends. This is for teens and you can play games on it. That is super popular, and then in terms of the easiest video app, it's going to be FaceTime, but the downside with that is everybody's got to have an Apple device for FaceTime to work, but you can add people to the call, and it's a very smart interface help. Whoever's talking, their picture becomes bigger on a screen as you're using it.

Apps to communicate with your doctor.

And then you never knew that you wouldn't actually want to go see your doctor in person at this point, but you may need some care for some issues that are going on in life, be it serious or be it minor. Well, telemedicine is now huge. Telehealth apps, there are a dozen or so we looked at. Some of the best three: MDlive is one, Doctor on Demand is another one, Healthtap is another popular one. What you're going to want to do is go to your doctor and find out, just call the office, or maybe can look on their associated website and see what app they may use. You can speak with your own doctor, or you could go to a different doctor and just do it 24/7 Doctor on Demand. The average price runs from about 75 to about $100 for a visit virtually by text or by video call, suggested mainly for just minor issues.

Online news for Coronavirus stories.

And then also incredible resource here. has turned into really an amazing destination for Coronavirus stories. We have a daily coronavirus newsletter that you can sign up for. For example, Pete's talking about Holy Week, and if you can't go to your own church, well, we've got resources for you at for that and then, of course, for all of the tech details, if you got questions, you want some tips, you're having the same struggles everybody's going through, will have the information posted there on the tech side of things.

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  • I watched this FOX News report but I’m kinda surprised there haven’t been more reports online and on cable news. The last year or so has been chaos for anyone trying to work or do schoolwork from home thanks to EVERYONE using the Internet. I don’t care if you accessed the Internet via your cell service or Wi-Fi; it was a disaster. If more people used boosters, we wouldn’t have had these connection problems.

    Morgan Tye on
  • Question: What are my options if I don’t want to put one of these signal boosters in my home?
    Answer: There are several things you can do. The first is get one of the packages here that include a cell phone booster and installation. The second is to buy a booster and hire an installer to do it. From the look of it, there are some fairly easy to install boosters that are like other plug and play installs. It just depends on your comfort zone.

    Megan Simpson on
  • Informative video, even if it’s from FOX News (ugh!). What are my options if I don’t want to put one of these signal boosters in my home? They do look like they could be a big help for me and everyone in the house using cell phones.

    Mick Briggs on
  • I saw this and the news story summed up the overall problems faced by people working from home. The cell phone signals were terrible and people couldn’t get work done. I know Wi-Fi was (and probably still is) a problem due to all the kids being home and hogging it. I’d like to know how many people got cell phone signal boosters and installation packages after they saw this story.

    Troy Alfonzo on
  • I definitely think we all need to have an extra boost in this pandemic. I’m working from home more now than every. It’s a tough task, but I’m ready to tackle things as best as possible! Gimme the boosters.

    KevinO on
  • The current COVID-19 crisis has opened my eyes to the need for safety when it comes to infectious diseases. Hmmmn, maybe it’s not a good idea to plop a bunch of sick people in a waiting room. Over the last few weeks, I’ve seen so many of my friends and family do telemedicine which makes sense in a ton of situations. Obviously, this won’t work if your cell phone signal stinks (and I’ve been to plenty of doctor’s offices where the reception is atrocious) so cell phone boosters make even more sense now.

    Steffie Austin on
  • Wonder what all the people think when they’re watching FOX News and they saw this news segment. Probably never heard of cell phone boosters before. I talk to people about them and they give me that clueless look. The same people complain about how they can’t get a decent cell phone signal too.

    Annette Sarris on
  • I have to imagine there are many parents and kids who wish they had a signal booster right now. Everyone is on their phone, laptop, tablet and it’s running slower than a turtle. Even piggybacking off the neighbor’s Wi-fi probably isn’t helping. Interesting that Fox News picked up on this. It just shows how many people are experiencing problems working at home right now.

    Brad Stonehouse on
  • This story is like when you discover a band way before anyone else does and then they get popular. I’ve known about signal boosters for a long time and think it’s funny that people are finally discovering them. They can make a big difference, especially when you’re stuck at home working and the kids are burning up the Internet.

    Gary McNulty on

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