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Buy Both: Cell Booster Including Installation Service Package

May 26, 2020

Buy Both: Cell Booster Including Installation Service Package

If employees need to talk to clients on cell phone, good reception is essential.

For efficiency and safety, many businesses offer telecommuting option for their workers whenever possible. Therefore, teleworking is becoming quite common now. However, if employees working from SOHO (small office / home office) need to talk on their cell phones to call clients or receive calls from them to provide customer service or technical support, it is very important that they have good cellular reception.

If signal is weak, a solution must be turnkey & easy to implement.

If signal is weak, calls can get dropped or sound incomprehensible. The solution has been to buy and install a cell phone signal booster kit. However, cellular amplifier system installation involves some work that employees may not be comfortable doing or may not be able to do.

For example, it may require climbing up on the roof to install exterior antenna. It may involve running cable through a wall. Many DIYers can get this done to save money for themselves or their company, but it is not easy enough or even possible for many. offers turnkey wall to wall signal enhancement solution. has a solution to this problem: Buy both: Cell phone signal booster including installation service package. Our residential cell phone booster-with-installation package for up to 7,500 sq. ft. helps get the mobile signal enhancing system installed by a professional installer anywhere across USA, in all 50 states.

This cell phone signal booster-and-installation solution is turn-key, from start to finish. Upon receipt of the package, simply call to schedule suitable time for installation. A certified installer will arrive and professionally install the system inside your residence to solve weak signal problem permanently.

Benefits of buying both Cell Booster-and-Installation Service package.

The benefits of buying both cell phone signal booster-and-installation service package are two fold:

  1. No hassle with installation or looking to hire local audio-video shop contractors to get help with installation.
  2. Installation done right such that maximum signal strength is achieved indoors, so you make the most of your investment.

After installation, no more interruptions in voice calls, no more frustrations. Clear wireless communication 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. With great cellphone signal under the roof, worker productivity will go right through the roof:)

Turnkey Solution for Weak Cell Signal Helps Employees Working From Home.

Cell Phone Booster and Installation

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  • Aaron, you ask “Is this booster and installation package nearly 1200? That’s a lot of dough unless you’re well-off.” Yes, the booster and installation deal is 1200, but keep in mind that the booster is the most powerful consumer-grade booster (and costs 1000) while the installation is only 200. The total may seem like more than usual, but you’re getting a very strong booster and certified installers to make sure your booster works at its optimal levels.

    Caitlyn Lang on
  • Am I reading this right? Is this booster and installation package nearly $1200? That’s a lot of money unless you’re well-off. I thought these home boosters were for people who need to improve their signal. You might as well build a cell tower outside your home.

    Aaron Vanek on
  • Sure sounds easy enough. In the past, I’d do the installation on everything I could but as I’ve got older, I’d rather pay to have someone else do it and spare myself the aggravation. Life is too short to waste on things I can pay someone else to do for me.

    Len Kincaid on
  • Yeah, you won’t see me climbing up on the roof to install an antenna unless I know workers comp will pay me when I fall off the roof. I’d love to get a cell phone booster put in my home by my work but they’re too cheap to spring for it. Naturally, this isn’t my real name.

    Mark Question on

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