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6 Reasons Why Cell Phone Signal Boosters are Worth the Cost

Sep 03, 2021

6 Reasons Why Cell Phone Signal Boosters are Worth the Cost

Why invest in a cell phone booster? You're already paying your cell phone bill. Therefore, we can understand your skepticism whether a cell phone signal booster is worth the cost. However, your cell phone carrier can't guarantee coverage across the board, everywhere. Herein lies the problem.

Signal boosters are designed to strengthen weak 3G and 4G LTE service for any mobile carrier - The stress you will alleviate as a result of stronger service is invaluable. Stress causes a serious negative impact to health and well-being.

Imagine with "no service" or 1-2 bars, you would feel like the person shown in image above if you ever dropped a call and couldn't call back either, or wrote a detailed email but lost it after clicking, "send" - and it didn't even save it as draft because there was no Internet due to lack of cell signal.

Why not avoid such stressful situations with a cell phone signal booster? Let us briefly explain how they work and then we will list 6 reasons why cell phone boosters are worth the cost.

How Do Signal Boosters Work?

While cell phone signal booster costs vary greatly, most signal booster kits are composed of four parts. They include an exterior antenna, an interior antenna, cables, and the signal booster unit itself (the latter is also known as an "amplifier"). To enhance connectivity, an exterior antenna detects existing cellular signals in any area even if those signals are extremely weak, and amplifies them to usable levels for use indoors and in vehicles.

That signal amplifier sends the boosted signals to the kit's interior antenna in order to be rebroadcasted inside houses, offices or cars and trucks. At this point, the interior antenna transmits the boosted signals to the surrounding area, based on how much square footage (or distance) the booster is designed to cover.

This process is then reversed sending the signal from cell device back through interior antenna, amplified through signal amplifier, and sent out to the nearest cell tower through outside antenna. Signal boosters with the right antennas can extend reach more than two miles to the closest cell phone tower.

Thanks to the amplification process of signal amplifier which amplifies weak signal available outside up to 32 times, the reception can technically be better inside than it would be right outside the home, RV, etc.

6 Benefits of Signal Boosters:

We have now discussed how signal boosters work and the reasons to purchase them are extensive. Let us start with these six reasons to invest in a cellular signal booster:

  1. Simple to Install & Maintain.

You can install a signal booster yourself by connecting provided antennas in your kit to the signal booster unit (also known as a signal "amplifier"). The process is simple, and there's little maintenance required.

That said, you're under no obligation to install your own signal booster. At, our expert installers will gladly work with commercial consumers to get their kits up and running. Our technicians are bonded, insured, and certified per the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) and Industry Canada (IC) requirements for the client's protection.

  1. No More Dropped Calls.

According to the Pew Research Center, 88% of Americans own cell phones and 72% of these individuals experience dropped calls from time to time. In turn, 32% of this population grapples with dropped calls multiple times per week.

Therefore, if you're dealing with dropped calls, you're not alone. Say goodbye to spotty coverage today with a cell phone signal booster.

  1. Stronger Signal, Clearer Calls.

Building materials like vaulted ceilings and concrete basements can disrupt your cellular signal. So can rocky or mountainous terrain. In fact, even weather can play a role in the clarity of your phone calls.

With a signal booster, however, these variables won't hinder your connectivity. Our booster kits can amplify strong signals outside the building or traces of an existing signal if you're in a remote area or on the road, and rebroadcast them to you. Modern signal boosters feature no noise or distortion to speak of.

  1. Enhanced Safety.

The most important reason to invest in a cellular signal booster? Safety. The FCC states that signal boosters can enhance public safety by allowing consumers to call 911 in areas where cellular or wireless signals would otherwise be disruptive. With weak outside signal amplified many fold and broadcasted inside, enjoy better connectivity in comfort of your home or car, than potentially weaker connectivity right outside. 

Check here for more information on the FCC’s requirements for consumer and commercial signal boosters. Signal booster for the house safety is the number one reason people purchase cell booster. This is true especially because monitored alarm systems with backup cellular connectivity require good cell signal 24/7 for connecting to alarm company that can have police dispatched in case of an emergency when landline phone line is cut off or not working. Home or office entrance security camera's also rely on wifi signal so those may require our wifi booster to relay audio and video signals to video monitor inside, or to a smartphone.

  1. Longer Battery Life.

Stronger cell phone signals need less power to send and receive data. If you’re in an area with poor coverage and wonder why your battery is draining so quickly, consider investing in a signal booster. With an amplifier kit in your building or vehicle, your phone can stop working overtime by continuously searching for signal until satiated, and consequently you can enjoy a longer battery life.

  1. Seamless Browsing.

We rely on our phones a great deal nowadays. From engaging in work activities to consuming news, we have become quite the data-driven population. In 2017, the Pew Research Center shared that 85% of adults get their news online, and more than half this group gets real-time alerts for breaking news and social media updates on their cell phone.

To this end, weak cellular signals can disrupt our productivity and sense of awareness of the world around us. Consumers who access Internet through their cell phone provider instead of Wifi will see marked improvement with a signal booster. And since 77% of cell phone users face slow download speeds that prevent content from loading quickly, a signal booster is also an ideal solution for uploads, downloads, and streaming. Is Your Answer.

At 10.7 Mbps, United States is ranked #28 in the world for fast mobile internet speed. For comparison, Germany, United Kingdom, and Finland are more than 120% faster.

We're ranked comparatively low for cellular speeds and we can do better.

Fortunately, with, you can do better. Our cell phone signal boosters are affordable, versatile, and available for home, car, and office. They will strengthen your cell phone signal unlike ever before.

Please contact us with questions or for more information. We will gladly discuss our cell phone signal-boosting solutions with you in more detail.

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  • I’ve read a couple of comments regarding dropped signal in the home. Here’s another reason to have a booster:

    If your home is less than ten years old the roofing material might have included a “radiant barrier”. This is particularly true in southern areas where the sun can get intense. A radiant barrier is designed to reduce the impacts of solar radiation thus saving on air conditioning expenses. Unfortunately, the barriers are also an effective obstacle to cell phone signals. The external antenna associated with a signal booster overcomes the radiant barrier obstacle. How do I know? Our home was built in 2016 with a barrier. We quickly discovered our carrier signal as one bar if we were lucky! Our booster was installed and the signal went to four bars thought the 1700 sf home.

    Michael Downey on
  • I have had a signal booster for 10 years wonderful thing. Except I switched to T-Mobile and signal boosters don’t work with them at all and 5G.

    Cliff on
  • Every one of those 6 reasons is good. Even something minor like extending battery life is a nice perk. The only question is, do these cell phone boosters work as well as they claim? If they do, they’re worth it. But if I buy a booster and I still get dropped calls or I still have slow data speeds, it’s not worth the cost.

    Jane Storey on
  • Reason #7- so I stop throwing my phone against the wall when my call drops again due to the lousy signal in my house. I’m looking at a cell phone booster right now because I’m counting on some Trump Bucks come August. Not sure if I’ll go all in and get a cell phone booster with an installation package or go the DIY route.

    Gus C. on
  • I went to a relative’s house for a party a few days ago and I couldn’t believe how many people were using their cell phones. People were texting, browsing, and even streaming YouTube videos from their phone onto the TV. They couldn’t use the Wi-fi because it’s slow AF. However, cell phones were slow too. I don’t know if it’s because they live out in the country, but it sounds like a good example of when a cell booster would be good (especially with the installation packages you can get with them).

    Cory B. on
  • I live in a rural area in a metal building. I have wifi BUT, calls are still dropped. Will a booster help?

    T.M.Martin on
  • This signal booster will be a miracle if it really works. Do you guarantee your product? Money back if it doesn’t do what I need?

    Karen Reeves on
  • I live in a rural area with few towers. I have Metro PCS by T-Mobile. Recently they had a network failure affecting the entire east coast where we lost service for 8 hours. When we got it back, I could not make a call from inside my house, or connect to the internet. I have to go outside to make a call, or to use data, and have a weak signal outside, and slow internet. I’m just wondering whether I would benefit fro the use of a booster.

    Eric on
  • One thing that is missing from all cell phone booster’s descriptions is this: From the descriptions you’d think they only serve the function of taking the existing weak signal and transferring it inside of a car, home, ETC. to circumvent the losses induced by the walls of the RV, car, or building. For my intended use, RV travel, I can just step outside so there is no value what so ever to purchase one if this is true. So what’s missing in the description is does the booster take your cell phone signal and amplify the signal in the form of increasing the wattage output back to the Cell Tower? If it does not do this then they are essentially worthless and the descriptions are misleading.

    Bill on
  • Anyone know if you can get a cell phone signal booster at Walmart? I’ve been reading cell phone signal booster reviews since 2017 and I keep saying I’m going to get one. This article is just another reminder of what they can do. I don’t know what’s holding me back, particularly as my cell phone continues to drop calls and download data at dialup type speeds.

    George Bryson on
  • While there are probably many people asking what are the best cell phone boosters for rural areas, I want to know what are the best mobile signal boosters for suburban areas because my cell phone reception stinks! Your blog helped me understand why this happens as well as some great reasons for getting cell phone boosters. Once I determine what the best cell phone signal booster is for me, I’ll get one to fix the problem of dropped calls and poor reception. By the way, if you do use your cell phone for calling emergency services, get your local police department’s number so you don’t have to wait for the 911 operator to transfer you. That way you can enjoy the security of a cell phone too.

    George Hawthorne on
  • If you’ve seen cell phone signal booster reviews, you might be asking if the hype is true. Consider the number of satisfied reviewers and ask yourself this, how many times have you upgraded your phone because you want a faster data connection, better call quality, and fewer (hopefully zero) dropped calls? How about your friends? How often have they dropped several hundred dollars for a new phone, only to get the same hassles. The problem isn’t the cell phone—it’s the undeniable fact cell phone signals get weakened traveling from your carrier’s cell tower to your phone. Things like say, trees, hills, buildings, or the material of the house you’re in will reduce or even block cell phone signals, regardless of what kind of phone you have. However, a cell phone booster will take that weakened signal and strengthen it so you have excellent call quality and fast data speeds. For the price of a cell phone booster, you’ll have strong signals in your home and you won’t have to buy a new phone until YOU are ready. Try it and the next time someone asks do cell phone boosters work, you can tell them yes.

    Terry Lane on
  • It might seem wrong that you have to purchase a cell phone booster so you get a good signal and all the benefits that come with it such as fast data speeds, clear call quality, and no dropped calls. Aren’t phones supposed to do their job? Yes, but the reality is that cell phone towers have many obstacles in getting a strong signal to you so you can enjoy all the benefits mentioned. Things such as atmospheric conditions (storms), the distance between your phone and the tower, and the building you are in (building materials can weaken or even block signals) all play a role in making for lousy calls. When you go online and read cell phone signal booster reviews, you’re going to see these (and other conditions) mentioned. You’ll also notice that when you search for cell phone boosters you come across results such as “best cell phone boosters for Verizon” and “cell phone boosters best buy.” That’s because people have problems with their cell phones regardless of who their carrier is. It may not be right, but if you want the best results with your phone, you need to purchase a cell phone booster.

    E.J. Pendelton on

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