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No Outside Antenna Home Cell Phone Booster Kits

Sep 02, 2021

No Outside Antenna Home Cell Phone Booster Kits

No outside antenna home cell phone booster kits are available from single room phone boosters w/out outside antenna to small through large home phone boosters w/out outside antenna requirement. The whole house Over The Air (OTA) antenna incuded only needs to be mounted on, or near a window with best reception. This way, it can send best signal to signal amplifier. In turn, that amplifier amplifies the signal and broadcasts amplified signal throughout the home or office around interior antenna to minimize dead spots.

  • No antenna to install outside makes it possible to install in areas where no access to roof available.
  • Enjoy clear cell phone conversations and fast 3G, 4G LTE mobile Internet in areas around in-building antennas.
  • Works on all cellular service carrier networks in USA simultaneously incl. Verizon Wireless, T-Mobile, AT&T Wireless and Sprint.
  • Supports multiple wireless devices such as cell phones and mobile 3G and 4G connected tablets, simultaneously.
  • Relax, contact us for a turnkey installation quote.

The second most frequently asked question we get asked is: Is there anything that can boost a cell phone signal in a home without Internet? Yes, all of the reasonably priced phone cell booster models suggested above actually work without any Internet connection. Without exterior antenna, they are not the most powerful cell phone boosters on the market, but they are multi-carrier and they work in most cases as long as there's a good signal in any one spot, which would most likely be near a window.

Final Word:

What do you think about home and building cell phone signal boosters at links above that boost cellular signal without outdoor antenna? For more information about above listed types of 4G LTE cell phone signal boosters which require no outside antenna, please contact us.

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  • I’m a person who likes to rent/lease my apartment/home but I don’t let that stop me from enjoying things as much as possible—as long as I don’t break my lease or do something to lose my security deposit. I’ve always been under the impression that cell phone boosters require an outside antenna and most landlords don’t want to see this (just like satellite dishes). I like a cell phone booster that allows me to stick the antenna to the window. It also means I can take it with me when I move.

    Margie Q. on
  • Do you ship to Alberta Canada? Would this work for our carrier “Bell”? What is the cost?

    James Service on
  • My cell phone signal isn’t atrociously bad, but I know I need a booster (or a closer cell tower—which isn’t going to happen). My situation doesn’t allow me to go with an antenna but this looks like a good way to install it myself.

    Jim Mullen on
  • This is ideal for anyone who lives in an apartment complex and has to deal with bad signals and landlords who won’t let you do anything to the property like get satellite dishes or booster antennas. You’d think they’d want you to improve the property but I guess not. People have options now if they want a cell booster without an external antenna. The only thing I’m wary of is that they don’t work as well as one with an antenna. Might be time to buy a home.

    Rosa Laney on
  • One of the worst things about getting a cell phone booster for the home are those antennas you have to put up. I understand that cell boosters can be a big help for getting strong signals, but not everyone wants to deal with the aesthetics of another antenna. Looks like that problem is solved.

    Mary Brinson on

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