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Cell Phone Boosters That Do Not Require Outside Antenna Installation

If you need a plug and play cell phone signal booster that does not require outside antenna, this category lists them all. Sometimes it is extremely difficult or not possible to have access to the roof to install exterior antenna. This may be true if you live in a rental housing and owner will not allow such installations. Or if you live in an apartment complex where such installs are not allowed due to strict regulations to comply with board rules for maintaining exterior building's visual elegance, or structural aesthetics.

While this is not an ideal scenario because roof-mounted antennas can capture outside signals best due to least obstructions, it is possible to get better reception indoors with cell booster kits that have window mounted donor antenna, instead. Such antennas can be placed near a window that has best reception. They catch outside signals and the booster amplifies those signals received to broadcast them inside the home or office building to fix weak signal problem.