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Cel-Fi DUO+ Smart Signal Booster for Verizon LTE/ XLTE/ VoLTE

Cel-Fi DUO Signal Booster for T-Mobile 3G, 4G, & 4G LTE

Cel-Fi DUO+ Smart Signal Booster for Verizon LTE/ XLTE/ VoLTE

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Best Price Guarantee

Cel-Fi Smart Signal Booster for Verizon Wireless Talk, Text, Data 3G 4G LTE:

  • Network booster kit sets up in minutes - Easy plug & play installation.
  • Internet service NOT required. Amplifier boosts existing cellular signal.
  • So powerful that it amplifies weak wireless signal to up to 100 dB Gain.
  • Atleast one mobile signal bar is required in one spot indoors to amplify.
  • No maintenance required - Self-adjusts & reconfigures automatically.
  • Improves cell phone signal strength inside homes, offices, apartments.

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Product Description

Cel-Fi DUO+ Smart Signal Booster for Verizon 4G LTE/ XLTE/ VoLTE! Are you tired of dropped calls, poor voice quality, and dead zones when using your Verizon phone in your home or business? Are you in an area that commonly experiences low coverage, where you're lucky to get two or three bars on your phone at a time? For Verizon Wireless customers, the solution is here. Subscribers are now able to boost their network signals with the launch of the Cel-Fi DUO+ for Verizon cell phones.

All you need is one bar, and this smart signal booster designed for use on 4G LTE (including VoLTE) and UMTS networks, will allow you to boost your signal to five bars with ease. Dulled indoor network experiences that result from network signals hitting walls will now be a thing of the past, with the FCC approved 100dB boost providing up to 13,000 ft. of coverage with every unit.

The Cel-Fi DUO Plus is small and compact, packed with features, and requires minimal setup. It is a plug and play booster. All you need to do is place the units where you need the most coverage and, and both will configure themselves and communicate as needed. There is no extraneous cabling or antennae. The CelFi DUO also offers boosting for UMTS/WCDMA voice signals on the Verizon network, and uses patented echo-cancellation algorithms for stronger, clearer signals. Therefore, dual band boosting on frequencies 2 (1900MHz) and 4 (1700/2100MHz) can occur simultaneously.

The Verizon Cel-Fi DUO + is made up of two separate units. The window unit captures signals from the closest T-Mobile cell tower within range and sends it inside the building, where the coverage unit then takes over by providing boosted signals in the surrounding home or business.

The Cel-Fi DUO comes with one (1) Network Unit, one (1) Coverage Unit, two (2) Power Supplies, two (2) Mounting Brackets and a Quick Start Guide.

These work for all cellular devices on Verizon network and of course for the Verizon MVNO's (Mobile Virtual Network Operators) that resell services on the same Verizon Wireless network including the following:

  1. Affinity Cellular.
  2. Armed Forces Wireless.
  3. Boom Mobile.
  4. Budget Mobile Lifeline.
  5. Credo Mobile.
  6. Defense Mobile.
  7. envie mobile.
  8. Expo Mobile.
  9. FamilyTalk Wireless.
  10. Flash Wireless.
  11. FMP Wireless.
  12. GreatCall
  13. Infinium Wireless.
  14. Net10 Wireless.
  15. OTG Mobile.
  16. Page Plus Cellular.
  17. Patriot Mobile.
  18. Proven Wireless.
  19. Puppy Wireless
  20. Red Pocket Mobile.
  21. ROK Mobile
  22. Selectel Wireless.
  23. Straight Talk.
  24. Total Wireless
  25. TracFone.
  26. Wireless Services US.
  27. ZingPCS.

This cellular repeater kit is for Verizon Wireless network users looking for an easily-installed, powerful signal booster for areas up 13,000 square feet without needing to run cable or mount antennas outside. The coverage area can be up to 15,000 square feet. It supports 4G LTE, XLTE, and VoLTE (HD Voice) for Verizon network only. It is NOT compatible nor approved for use with ANY other carrier. It will not help with Verizon 3G, and it will only help with voice/calling if you have HD Voice/VoLTE enabled on your phone, and are in an LTE area.

Cel-Fi does not require installation of external antennas and handset registration, or a configuration setup by the user. Cel-Fi intelligently and automatically senses and adapts to its environment. It adapts to changes made by Verizon to its network, and to changes caused by nearby equipment like Wi-Fi. Multiple Units of Cel-Fi can be deployed in large offices and will not interfere with coverage strength. Cel-Fi is radically different from traditional repeaters. Cel-Fi is the only intelligent booster that is wireless-in/wireless-out. The Network Unit receives the signal from the mobile network (it requires as little as one bar of signal) and relays it wirelessly to the Coverage Unit that amplifies it for up to 100 dB of gain.

Note: Cel-Fi manufacturer requires returns be in mint condition or will incur re-stocking fee of 25%. Please ensure that if this brand product item has to be returned, it must be received in mint, resaleable condition. Thank you very much.

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  • I have trouble getting a signal down at my basement office; would this work for me?

    Yes, it will. However, it will only do so if you have mobile service through Verizon Wireless.

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