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Nextivity Cel-Fi PRO AT&T Smart Signal Booster w/ External Antenna Connector

Nextivity Cel-Fi PRO AT&T Smart Signal Booster w/ External Antenna Connector

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Best Price Guarantee.
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Best Price Guarantee

Cel-Fi Smart Signal Booster for AT&T Talk, Text, Data (3G + 4G + LTE):

  • Network booster kit sets up in minutes - Easy plug & play installation.
  • Internet service NOT required. Amplifier boosts existing cellular signal.
  • So powerful that it amplifies weak wireless signal to up to 100 dB Gain.
  • Atleast one mobile signal bar is required in one spot indoors to amplify.
  • No maintenance required - Self-adjusts & reconfigures automatically.
  • Improves cell phone signal strength inside homes, offices, apartments.
*For all Cel-Fi branded products only: 30 days return policy. Must be returned in mint condition for refund. 2 years limited manufacturer warranty for repair or replacement due to manufacturer defect(s).

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Product Description

Nextivity Cel-Fi PRO AT&T Smart Signal Booster with External Antenna Connector (Signal Amp. Model # P34-2/4/5/12). It is similar to AT&T Microcell, except that this kit does not require broadband Internet service. Similar to ATT Micro Cell, it is for AT&T cell phone service subscribers who find themselves experiencing dropped calls and dead zones. 

AT&T has discontinued sales of new AT&T MicroCells since you can use "Wi-Fi Calling" to talk and text over an active Wi-Fi connection where it is hard for a strong cellular signal to reach. To compensate, Nextivity has now rolled out the new Cel-Fi PRO Cellular Signal Booster and Amplifier for AT&T Wireless network.

It is everything you could want and more. All you need to do is find a place in your home or office where your AT&T network phone receives at least one bar of usable 3G, 4G or LTE mobile signal. Once this is done, you simply place your coverage unit in the area, and it will enhance the signal picked up to provide you with coverage you need; minimizing dead zones and dropped calls.

This is the new version. Old version part number was 590NP34ATUS1ATUS2B14. New version part number we stock is: 590NP34GWUS2ATUS2B14. This unit offers exterior antenna connector for stronger signals to cover more inside square footage.

Basically, the CelFi PRO is made up of two separate units. The window unit captures signals from the closest AT&T cellphone tower within range and sends it inside the building. The coverage unit inside home or building then takes over by providing boosted signals within the house or business office.

Since network signals are often blocked or weakened by the presence of walls, these two units work in tandem to combat that issue. Automatic channel selection feature on the 5 GHz link makes sure there's no interference with wifi routers, cordless phones, baby monitors, etc.

With a whopping 100 dB gain boost approved by the FCC, this signal booster is the only one approved with this much antenna gain to function with the AT&T network. It provides faster and wider coverage of up to 13,000 ft. in the home or office, and can support up to sixty users at a time.

It works with 3G, 4G & 4G LTE networks, and provides quad band boosting in bands 2 (1900MHz), 4 (1700/2100MHz), 5 (850MHz) and 12/17 (700MHz). This is made possible by the built in Cel-Fi Baseband Processor that enables the signal booster to adapt to HSPA and LTE network environments, without interfering with other networks and nearby devices using 3G, 4G and 4G LTE network technologies.

The Cel-Fi PRO comes with one (1) Network Unit, one (1) Coverage Unit, two (2) Power Supplies, two (2) Mounting Brackets and a Quick Start Guide.

These work for all cellular devices on AT&T Wireless network and of course for the AT&T MVNO's (Mobile Virtual Network Operators) that resell services on the same AT&T network.

    Note: CelFi manufacturer requires returns be in mint condition or will incur re-stocking fee of 25%. Please ensure that if this brand product item has to be returned, it must be received in mint, resaleable condition. Thank you very much.

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    • What purpose does the external antenna connector serve with the Cel Fi Pro?

      It helps to attach an "additional" donor antenna (in addition to the window unit which essentially serves as exterior antenna that captures signal from within the home or office). Such an add'l exterior antenna can be mounted outside on top of a house or building for grabbing more signal for rural or remote locations where signal is extremely weak near a window as well. Mounting antenna at such a higher height reduces line-of-sight obstructions to nearest relevant carrier's cell tower. Please note that such add'l external antennas and cables plus surge protectors are sold separately. Donor antenna can thereby acquire an outside signal, allowing it to be used in applications where no signal is present indoors (i.e. cement, metal walls, etc.). This opens up new opportunities for using Cel-Fi PRO Smart Boosters when other solutions fail.

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