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Cel-Fi DUO+ Signal Booster for T-Mobile

Cel-Fi DUO+ Signal Booster for T-Mobile

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Free Lifetime Support. SKU: 590ND32GWUS1TMUS1BG1

Best Price Guarantee

Attention please:

Cel-Fi kits are an exception to our standard return policy and do not qualify for our 60 days money back guarantee. In addition, they do not qualify for any discount offers nor any coupon codes.

Due to Cel-Fi manufacturer requirements regarding returns of their Cel-Fi kits - this kit, if returned, must be returned in "mint condition" within 30 days of purchase date. If not received in mint condition within 30 days of purchase, the manufacturer will not accept the return and the kit will have to be returned back to you - no refund will be issued.

Thank you for your co-operation regarding this important matter.


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Product Description

Cel-Fi DUO+ Signal Booster for T-Mobile 4G LTE Model # D32-2/4/12, SKU 590ND32GWUS1TMUS1BG1, UPC 697691004228. This cellspot signal booster is similar to branded Tmobile Wireless Router Personal Cellspot WiFi model. This Cel-Fi branded Cell Spot for T Mobile does not require broadband home Internet service for it to work.

Are you tired of dropped calls, poor voice quality, and dead zones when using your T-Mobile phone in your home or business? Are you in an area that commonly experiences low coverage, where you're lucky to get two or three bars on your phone at a time? For T-Mobile customers, the solution is here: Cel-fi T-mobile signal booster. Subscribers are now able to boost their network signals with the launch of the Cel-Fi DUO Plus.

All you need is one bar, and this celfi tmobile smart signal booster designed for use on 4G LTE (including VoLTE) and UMTS networks, will allow you to boost your signal to five bars with ease. Dulled indoor network experiences that result from network signals hitting walls will now be a thing of the past, with the FCC approved 100dB boost providing up to 13,000 ft. of coverage with every unit.

The Cel-Fi DUO+ is small and compact, packed with features, and requires minimal setup. This cel fi t mobile kit is a plug and play booster - all you need to do is place the CelFi Tmobile window unit and them the coverage unit where you need the most coverage. Both will configure themselves and communicate as needed. There is no extraneous cabling or antennae. The DUOPlus also offers boosting for UMTS/WCDMA voice signals on the T-Mobile network, and uses patented echo-cancellation algorithms for stronger, clearer signals. Therefore, triple band boosting on frequencies 2 (1900MHz), 4 (1700/2100MHz), and band 12 can occur simultaneously.

The Cel-Fi DUO Plus is made up of two separate units. The window unit captures signals from the closest T-Mobile cell tower within range and sends it inside the building, where the coverage unit then takes over by providing boosted signals in the surrounding home or business. Automatic channel selection feature on the 5 GHz link makes sure there’s no interference with Wi-Fi routers, cordless phones, baby monitors etc.

The CelFi DUO comes with one (1) Network Unit, one (1) Coverage Unit, two (2) Power Supplies, two (2) Mounting Brackets and a Quick Start Guide.

These work for all cellular devices on T-Mobile network and of course for the T-Mobile MVNO's (Mobile Virtual Network Operators) that resell services on the same network including the following:

  1. Aeris Communications Inc.
  2. Boom Mobile.
  3. campusSIMs.
  4. Cellular Abroad.
  5. Consumer Cellular.
  6. China Telecom Americas (CTExcel).
  7. GoSmart Mobile.
  8. Infinium Wireless.
  9. Jaguar Mobile.
  10. Jolt Mobile.
  11. KidsConnect.
  12. Liberty Wireless.
  13. LycaMobile.
  14. MetroPCS.
  15. Mint SIM.
  16. Mobal.
  17. Net10 Wireless.
  18. NTT DoCoMo USA.
  19. OTG Mobile.
  20. Project Fi.
  21. Proven Wireless.
  22. Red Pocket Mobile.
  23. Republic Wireless.
  24. Simple Mobile.
  25. Speed Talk Mobile.
  26. Straight Talk.
  27. Telcel América.
  28. Tempo Telecom.
  29. The People's Operator USA.
  30. Ting.
  31. TracFone.
  32. Ultra Mobile.
  33. Univision Mobile.
  34. US Mobile.
  35. UVA Mobile.
  36. UWT Mobile.
  37. Value Wireless.
  38. Walmart Family Mobile.
  39. ZingPCS.
  40. ZIP SIM.

Note: Cel-Fi manufacturer requires returns be in mint condition or will incur re-stocking fee of 25%. Please ensure that if this brand product item has to be returned, it must be received in mint, resaleable condition. Thank you very much.

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  • Does this model support an external antenna?

    While this unit has an exterior antenna connector, this model does not require an exterior antenna to be mounted on top of the house or building. It uses a 1 ft. x 1 ft. the box-like unit that serves as an amplifier and exterior antenna and another similar box the serves as the interior antenna to be placed in an area with weak reception. 

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