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Difference between Good Branded & Cheap Unbranded cell phone boosters?

Aug 27, 2021

Difference between Good Branded & Cheap Unbranded cell phone boosters?

The difference between high quality branded cell phone signal boosters we sell versus unbranded cell phone boosters that are cheap and under $100 / $200 / $300 are many.

Here are few benefits of buying from us:

  1. All of our products are FCC certified so they work as intended within FCC rules and regulations so you don't have to worry about health implications nor damaging the wireless carrier network and possibly get sued by them.
  2. Our products truly work - See verified 3rd party managed cell phone signal booster reviews.
  3. Unlike other companies offering cheap low quality cellular boosters, we offer 60 days satisfaction money back guarantee on our high quality, FCC certified kits because we're confident of the quality and dependability of our products. We want to give you more time to determine they work for you.

If cost is your concern, we offer vehicle and home/office cellular amplifier kits that start at only $167.99.

Among those, an entry level home and office cell signal booster kit that we would recommend would be the one at link below. It would boost signal from any carrier cell tower like AT&T Wireless, Verizon Wireless, Sprint, and T-Mobile - as long as you have atleast 1 or 2 bars signal outside where you can put exterior antenna. It is easier to install as well because it has built-in interior antenna so you need not install inside antenna with cable connecting to the booster as most other kits require.

While it says it provides coverage for up to 2,500 sq. ft., that is only on premise that signal is good outside. If signal outside is weak, the coverage can be only up to 500 sq. ft. which is all that you may need for a troubling dead spot in your home / office. Therefore, this great quality kit would work for at the lowest cost we have for a safe and effective cell signal booster system.

Please note that this is one-time cost and investment that will help you enjoy good cellular coverage indoors and/or in vehicle for a long time to come. Therefore, it is not worth the risk of buying an inferior product made by no name brand or a brand unheard of, for a few dollars less - but with risks highlighted above that you may regret afterwards.

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  • I like reason number two for the difference between good branded and cheap unbranded cell phone boosters: Our products truly work. LOL That’s an oh snap moment that says all you need to know. If you want a cheap cell booster, go on Wish. LOL.

    Joel Dillon on
  • I don’t like to see the word cheap because there are times when so-called cheap items are actually as good as “quality” items (sometimes better). The important thing you need to do is to investigate the different brands you are looking at. Things like guarantees, solid reviews, and word of mouth are helpful whether you’re buying a car, a cell phone booster, or an electric toothbrush.

    Patrick Sullivan on
  • The car kits are definitely a deal, and for less than $200, how can you argue with that??? Sign me up.

    Bethany on

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