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Which Cell Booster Gives Highest sq. ft. Signal Boost at Lowest Cost?

Jun 30, 2020

Which Cell Booster Gives Highest sq. ft. Signal Boost at Lowest Cost?

All cell phone signal booster kits basically pull signal from outside, amplify it, and broadcast it inside the home, office, or building. The manufacturers mention estimated inside coverage area based on the power of respective signal amplifier.

The fact is, the strength of outside signal greatly dictates the coverage space that will experience signal booster (improved, enhanced coverage). Considering these factors, which cell phone booster kit offers the most square foot coverage boosting at the lowest cost price?

That cell booster is RF Boost 8K kit at $429. It has stated maximum indoor coverage boost of 8,000 sq. ft. which is highest for its price range. In addition, it offers two interior antennas that can be more helpful for homes and offices that have square footage that is more spread out across many rooms.

Therefore, we think this kit has what we set out to find in a cellular amplifier kit - Lowest cost and highest coverage space. It is certified for use in both USA and Canada. Thus, this kit provides more value at its price range than any other that we could find. What do you think? Have you by chance found a better value anywhere else? Let us know in comments below. Thank you.

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  • The truth about cell phone signals is that there are many criteria for what might be weakening your signal. It might be the things your house is made out of, some gadgets in your home, the weather, or other outside things like trees getting in the way of a signal from a cell tower. That’s why you always should measure your signal and see just what’s causing the problem

    Sam Knibbs on
  • We’ve used this at work, and it’s such a game changer. We have maybe one-bar service signal inside our work. It’s like a bunker. It gets us to almost full bars. What a relief.

    Mark on
  • Velvet Shuffler “I need a booster for about 400 square feet”
    I go through the various articles here and I can tell you there’s a booster for every size home or apartment (or if you need them, for boats, cars, trucks, and RVs). There are a number of boosters and I don’t know the specifics of your situation (do you rent, own, etc.). This site has a free consultation number so I’d recommend you give them a ring.

    Tony Evans on
  • I like that there is a booster for every size home. I also like that boosters are economical and within the price range of more people than they used to be. When I look at what a booster can do for someone in an area with bad coverage such as the country, it makes me more likely to move there because I’m always on the phone.

    Kevin T. Garvin on
  • I need a booster for about 400 square feet

    Velvet shuffler on
  • I haven’t seen a booster that covers this much space for this price. One of my friends has a bigger home and I think this model would be a great match for them. Their cell phone coverage is really bad. They’ve got a home whose material weakens the cell signal plus I think the nearest cell phone tower is far away.

    Jesse Hart on
  • $449 for 8,000 square feet is a good price if you are familiar with costs and know you can that much or more for a device that doesn’t cover half the space. Good deal but I don’t need anything that big right now. Let me see if anyone can answer this, would I have any problems installing an 8,000 square feet coverage booster in a 2,000 square feet home?

    Gina Palomino on
  • This one is interesting because the title says the lowest cost and the picture has someone holding ten-dollar bills. Normally you’ll see someone with a fistful of 50’s or 100’s so that alone should give people an idea they’re getting a good value. 8,000 square feet is a huge amount of coverage and I’m shocked the booster is just $449. That may seem like a lot but boosters run $200 and up for much smaller coverage areas. Excellent deal. Don’t have a home that big but hopefully, I will someday and then I can get this booster.

    Heather O. on

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