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Top 3 Cell Phone Signal Booster Offerings & Considerations

Jun 29, 2020

Top 3 Cell Phone Signal Booster Offerings & Considerations

Let us point out our three best offerings for your consideration below:

  1. Best value cell signal booster for homes and offices up to 8,000 sq. ft. ($429).
    Unlike most kits in the market today, this includes TWO interior antennas to target 2 different areas indoors. It offers up to +70 dB Gain which is among the highest available for consumer grade cell signal booster kits. With its high power, it works great 99% of the time because there's almost always some signal outside that can be amplified. Boosts signals on all cellular service carrier networks. No internet required for it to work. It is great if you're hardware tools savvy and can get on the roof to mount an antenna as well as drill holes in walls to run coaxial cables for 2 inside antennae. Purchase includes all step by step instructions. If not, read the next offer that may delight you!
  2. Most powerful cell signal booster for all homes - INCLUDES professional installation ($1199.99).
    Installation service available nationwide across all 50 states. Excellent option if you're not hardware tools savvy and not comfortable mounting antenna on the house, or drill holes in walls to run coax cables. Offers maximum FCC allowed +72 dB gain for consumer grade cell signal boosters. As with previous recommendation, this also works great practically everywhere because there's almost always some signal outside homes that can be amplified inside the building structure. Boosts signals on all mobile service provider networks. No internet required for it to work.
  3. The third option is most similar to femtocell installation-wise, but it does not require Internet to work (see below for prices).
    It consists of only two box-like units and their power adapters. These are easier to install than both of above, but require some signal (equivalent to 1 bar) at one spot where "network unit" the size of two fists put together, can be placed. This may not always be the case indoors so must be careful before purchasing and make sure check signal strength near windows where there's usually strongest signal so it does not have to be returned. Other unit called the "coverage unit" must be placed farthest away to provide maximum coverage space. These are wireless carrier specific, so these boost signal for only a single wireless carrier (and their respective MVNOs) depending on the cellular amplifier kit you purchase: (this 3rd option is not available for Sprint and their MVNOs)

No Interest Financing.* offers no-interest financing (*read details) to help buyers make their purchase by stretching out their payments over many months to make it more affordable. We hope this information helps with your project. Please contact us with your questions and we will get back to you with all answers to all your questions. Thank you.

60 Days Free Cell Phone Signal Booster Trial**.

60 days free cell phone signal booster trial

**We're so sure that a cell phone signal booster will prove to be such a great value to you, we give 60 days to return for refund of the cost of the kit purchased.

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  • There are so many different cell phone boosters and it’s helpful when you see an article describing some of the more attractive models (and considerations). I don’t know if I want (or need) any of these but the free trial and no-interest financing are interesting incentives.

    Neil Harriman on
  • Scary-looking guy on this blog, but those prices look inviting. As long as that guy (who looks like Waldo from “Where’s Waldo” and Colt from “90 Day Fiance” isn’t doing the installing, I’m seriously looking into getting the cell booster with the pro installation.

    Freddie P. on
  • I want a cell phone signal booster but these options aren’t for me. I saw a few deals where you get the cell phone signal booster with the installation included in the price. It’s more up my alley as I don’t want the headache of doing the work myself and I want it done right. When I do get one, that’s the way I’ll be going.

    Eric Whitman on
  • It blows my mind that some places charge $1,200+ for a boost. What in the world? I just don’t know about something like that for my small business budget. Maybe there’s a solid workaround?

    Daisy F on

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