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How Important is Location of Headend in a DAS?

Apr 06, 2016

How Important is Location of Headend in a DAS?

Anyone who owns their own home or has made a real estate investment has heard the phrase "Location, Location, Location" - which is real-estate lingo for the top three elements in property values. Isn't it interesting how identical or similar buildings constructed with identical or almost-identical materials can differ in value, solely based on the placement of the structure? And who's to say which location is more desirable or valuable than another? Well, we know that some reasons include the need for stability and security, limited availability, quick and easy access to required resources, and ease of access.

Let us also use this concept with a site that has enormous value - the central office, or headend for Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS). We know that the hub and headend have very limited access to space and provide quick and easy access to required resources. In addition, we know that demands for connectivity and services in this valuable space are continuing to grow. So, what is the best way to achieve flexibility for continued progress in this limited-space environment?

(ODF) NG4access Optical Distribution Frame to tackle these issues in the following ways:

  • Matching interfaces on both the front and rear of the frame modules provide ease of access. No longer do we have the traditional "front - panel, back - rats-nest" design.
  • Convenience may be a resource that is desirable, but the primary strength is flexibility. Is WDM required, or patching, or splitters? All connectivity needs can be met because the modules available are very simple, meaning you can use whatever is required anywhere within the frame.
  • If space is unavailable, or limited, multiple racks can be replaced by the NG4, using optimized density. This frees up both valuable floor space and rack space to allow for other income-generating equipment.
  • Stability and security are achieved through unique fiber management, diminishing the likelihood of damaging or disconnecting unwittingly. Density has no value without handy access. Your prime location deserves attention!

Any comments? Any experiences you would like to share regarding your installation experience in this space? Please share your comments below for other readers. Thank you.

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  • I’m familiar with DAS but never heard of headend. Good explanation and suggestions on how to set up your DAS so it works optimally. It makes no sense to spend the money on DAS if you’re not going to set it up right so it does the trick. At the same time, I understand an office manager’s concern with aesthetics. This article suggests you can find a balance on both.

    Victor C. Rossi on
  • DAS (aka distributed antenna system design) are what you don’t see when you go to a sports stadium and yet you’re able to make cell phone calls with no problem, whether you’re in your seats, or in the concrete covered interior getting your nachos. I learned that these bigger structures rely on distributed antenna system companies to lay out a distributed antenna system architecture, which is weaved throughout the building so you don’t get dropped calls or have lousy call quality. Some of the blogs here are like mini distributed antenna system tutorials so if you’re curious, check them out. I did and I learned quite a lot. That’s why you’ll see blogs like this that break down the details of what pieces parts are involved in DAS.

    Shawn Brinkley on
  • When a person gets a DAS installation to enhance their building’s cell phone signals, I imagine there is an installation process and pre-installation service? I thought I read elsewhere that when someone is ready to do a DAS installation, they’ll have a site survey conducted to find the key places to install everything (including the headend you mentioned). Is this correct?

    D. John Clarkson on
  • These DAS systems sound complex, but it seems like you guys know how to maximize their efficiency and make them work the best for people’s businesses. I’m looking a cell phone booster for home, but it’s good to know you take every aspect of your business and your products seriously.

    Tommy Behringer on

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