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How many indoor antennas can one signal amplifier support?

Sep 01, 2017

How many indoor antennas can one signal amplifier support?

In today's FAQ video below, we will answer the question, "how many inside cellular antennas can one amplifier support?". In most cases, a Wilson Pro amplifier will support two to four interior antennas per port, but an amplifier can support more indoor antennas and strong signal environments when using lower loss cable, and depending on the actual coverage area needed for each antenna. For example, if you have a strong output signal from the amplifier, and you will only need two 20 to 30 foot radius of coverage off each antenna, then the amplifier may be able to support six indoor antennas. Watch video below for an illustration.


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  • I’ve read some other blogs about cell phone signal amplifiers and sometimes you need an extra antenna for the booster to work. In other cases you might need more. That got me thinking about how many antennas a signal amplifier could support. Now I know. After reading this, I don’t think there would be cases where a house would need more than one or two, but a bigger building seems like a different situation.

    Troy Sullivan on
  • Another helpful video from I was unaware you could put several antennas in to support your amplifier. There’s also something new to discover here and I’m hoping someone can help me here-what is a mohu sky 60 amplifier and what is a mohu reception map? I’m just asking because I came across these terms while looking up indoor antennas.

    Andre Simonson on
  • Anyone have any experience installing these? I’ve browsed this website and some of the installations seem easy. Not sure about this one. I know I want something to magnify my cell phone signal and this is better for an office. However, I’d like to know the principles behind these different devices and their set-ups as I’m considering becoming an installer after I assess the market.

    Avery Brown on
  • I heard about and how to boost cell phone signal strength through different devices. However, I’m impressed with the videos here because they really break things down well-even more complex scenarios. It’s good to see a site that provides different articles and videos to help people solve a problem, whether it’s a residential or commercial one. Good job guys.

    Adam Bell on

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