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How to Boost Cell Phone Signal Strength in Home & Building?

Dec 05, 2017

No phone reception at work? What to do about poor cell signal? How to improve cell phone signal strength in home & building most effectively, and easily?

Terrible cell service at certain times? The most foolproof and easiest way to get stronger cell phone signal strength inside homes and cement buildings is to install a cell phone signal booster for homes and buildings. These cell phone coverage extenders are highly effective devices based on a legitimate technology. They are certified by FCC and pre-approved by all cellular service providers in USA & Canada pending registration after purchase. They work by capturing signals from outside and enhancing them. Then they rebroadcast them within the house, office building, apartment building, etc. This is what can be done to boost cell service in an office building. If cell quality in your neighborhood is sub-par, a cell phone signal booster may be your answer.


Reasons you have Poor Cell Phone Reception.

There are many reasons why you have a bad wireless phone reception or a problem with dropped calls. The most common cause of this is the distance from the nearest cell tower. The further away you are from a cell tower, the greater the distance the cellular signals have to traverse through and the higher the number of obstructions or impediments between yourself and the tower.

Such impediments could include hills, mountains and rocks, trees, snow-pile, concrete structures such as buildings, walls, fences, metals such as copper, aluminum and so on. The weather could play spoil sport. The strength of the cell phone reception suffers a great deal when there are clouds in the sky and when there is a lot of rain, snowfall or when there are windy conditions.

Therefore, how to increase cell phone signal strength for good? Install a cell phone amplifier.

How Does a Cell Signal Amplifier System Work?

A cell phone signal booster or amplifier is based on a simple technology. Here's what it does: The cell phone range increaser catches hold of the cellular signals in an area, amplifies them and rebroadcasts the signals within indoor spaces of a building or structure regardless its construction composite (brick, concrete, metal, etc.)

These devices basically consist of an outside antenna, signal amplifier and an indoor antenna. There're cables that connect the various components of this system.

An outside antenna is installed on exterior of the building. It receives the strongest signals from the nearest mobile towers, captures the signals from outside the house and broadcasts the signals inside.

The signal amplifier receives the signals broadcast by exterior antenna and amplifies them to a considerable extent, by up to 32X times and sends the much strengthened signal interior via internal antenna(s).

Indoor antenna which is installed inside the building receives the much amplified signal and rebroadcasts the same within the house, apartment, building, etc.

If you have a large office building or commercial space, you should have multiple indoor antennas, one in each room, and maybe multiple amplifiers.

Benefits of Cell Phone Amplifiers.

  1. No more dropped calls.
  2. Great call quality.
  3. Much superior internet speeds.
  4. Can support multiple users within the house or building.
  5. No reason to worry about monthly fees.
  6. Support all major cell service carriers within USA and Canada.
  7. They extend the coverage area of your residential or commercial space.
  8. These devices extend your battery life as your phone does not have to work as hard to catch hold of weak reception. This ensures that the batteries are not overworked.

Installing Cell Phone Boosters for Residential and Commercial Purposes.

When you have installed a cell phone repeater in the house, you won’t have to worry about the cell phone connectivity breaking down when you are walking through the house from one room to another. These devices are based on a 100% legitimate technology and have been approved by all major carriers in the USA and Canada such as AT&T, Sprint, Verizon, T-Mobile, Bell Canada, Telus Mobility and so on.

Cell phone signal repeaters for home are very easy to install. Easy to follow "Do It Yourself" (DIY) step by step instruction manual and user guide is included with every booster kit. Cell phone amplifiers for commercial purposes such as for office buildings, hotels, malls, universities and other large spaces are more complex.

We have a team of professional installers who plan, design, and execute customized solutions for you and handle all the work related to the installation within large spaces between 5,000 and 100,000 sq. feet or more. There are no monthly fees associated with these devices. You only have to install them once.

Tell us, how can we help?

We sell cell phone repeaters or boosters from top-rated manufacturers such as Wilson Electronics which sells these devices under the Wilson Pro brand, SureCall. etc. All of these devices are made with outstanding craftsmanship and excellent quality. They come with free shipping and 3 years manufacturer's warranty. We also provide professional installation services if you need help with the setting up of wireless phone repeaters for your office or commercial property.

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  • Remember, not everyone needs a cell phone signal booster. If you think you do, make sure you understand the details of how cell signals are transmitted from your phone to a nearby cell tower and back as well as what can interfere with the signals. You can teach yourself about cell phone signals and boosters by reading articles here or looking elsewhere on the Internet. Don’t just buy anything because you’re likely to miss out on getting the system that works the best for you.

    Bill Ross on
  • Cell phones are a technology that nearly everyone have, whether they’re poor or rich. Cell phones are universal but they also beg a universal question—how can I get better service on my phone? It seems like everyone is trying to find a way how to increase signal strength on android phones and iPhones. The problem is people ask how to boost cell phone signal strength for free, when there aren’t reliable ways to increase mobile network signals in the home. Sure, you can open a window or go into airplane mode, but why have to do this if there’s technology to make sure you get clear calls and no more dropped calls. That’s where cell phone boosters are coming into play. I hear more things about them and while people might not want to buy them, they’re a great alternative to upgrading your phone when there’s no guarantee of getting any better call quality. After reading this blogs, I’m definitely convinced.

    Ricardo Estevez on
  • My family house is located a bit far from a functional cell tower, and I occasionally experience dropped calls. Thanks for providing a solution to my research.

    Cindy on
  • I can see the advantage of buying a cell phone signal booster and being done. No monthly fees and you have the satisfaction of knowing your cell phone will operate at peak power. A booster will increase your data speed too which is an asset for me. I use my phone for quick data when I’m not at my PC.

    Mitch Olsen on
  • I’m starting to hear more about how to boost cell phone signal strength wherever you are, be it your home or office. With dropped calls becoming more of a problem, it’s good to know there are options besides endless upgrades to your cellular phone. I don’t have the money for a new phone every six months, but a cell phone signal booster is something I have no problem buying if it lasts several years.

    Emil Roker on

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