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How to Increase Cell Phone Signal Bars?

Jan 16, 2019

How to Increase Cell Phone Signal Bars?

What to do if cell phone service is bad at home? In addition to buying a cell phone booster, below listed are few quick ways to increase your cell phone signal bars to get you going! Make that urgent call or do some banking in a jiffy on your smartphone with your fast wireless LTE data transfer speeds.

Over 95 percent of Americans now own a type of cellphone and 77 percent own smartphones. As a result, cellular phone service providers continue to improve their services on a daily basis to get you the best possible cell service.

For instance, at the beginning of 2019, AT&T users woke up to a new indicator on their phones displaying 5Ge (5G Evolution). Advanced LTE network had arrived, twice faster than 4G LTE.

Apart from such new superfast enhanced cellular phone services, cell phone users across the US also access reliable 3G, 4G LTE and 5G networks. This translates into highly improved text, data and call services.

Even so, why is your cell phone service so poor, unreliable and blotchy? It seems we're constantly struggling to increase cell phone signal bars. Antenna bars aren't accurate indicators but give only a very rough estimation of signal strength hitting the phone.

Anyway, it is hard to understand why even with improvement in cell phone and cellular signal technology you still end up with dropped calls, poor and ratty call quality, unsent emails and text messages and Internet loading that takes forever.

Yet, accessing 3G, 4G LTE and the new 5G network isn't free. You pay hefty monthly cellular phone bills to access them.

You deserve top quality internet, call and texting speeds.

Cell signal Interferences.

The reason for poor cell phone signal on your smartphone or cellphone is due to different reasons. These include:

  • Distance from cell tower to you.
  • External obstructions from high rise buildings, metallic structures, forests, valleys, mountains to hills.
  • Construction materials in buildings such as thick walls, metal, installations for energy-efficiency, concrete, among others.
  • Indoor interferences from electronic or magnetic items, metallic objects, electronics among other items interfering with cellular waves.
  • Weather changes such as thunderstorms, heavy snow, floods and rain among others.

How do you boost your cell phone signal to enjoy superfast browsing speeds, reliable and quality calls and uninterrupted fast texting?

What you can do.

  • Use WiFi calling rather than cell phone service to access Internet and make calls.
  • Toggle Airplane mode after getting closer to a window or move to different indoor location - or better yet, outdoors.
  • Climb to the highest floor in your office or home for a stronger cell phone signal because it bypasses more obstructions to cell tower.
  • Avoid calling or browsing under metallic and in shadow of tall structures.
  • De-clutter radio wave interfering interior objects.
  • Avoid calling or browsing in crowded events such as festivals, stadia games, concerts etc. where cell tower capacity may be maxed out.

Still not getting any cell phone reception on your phone? Get a real and lasting solution:

Cell phone signal booster ranks top as the most dependable solution.


The cellular signal amplifier takes a poor existing cell phone signal and amplifies it many times. You can get a cell phone reception booster for your vehicle, car, RV, boat or camper, home, office, workplace or even a warehouse.

Whether you live or work in the remotest locales of America, in the heart of the city, driving on long and lonely roads, cell phone signal boosters guarantee a cellular coverage every time.

Cell phone signal repeaters/ boosters/ amplifiers attract zero recurring fees. They work with all carriers in United States. As far as there's some kind of signal around, you're guaranteed a very strong amplified cellular coverage with a powerful signal booster.

Tired of poor cell phone signal in your workplace, home, vehicle, boat or M2M installation? Enjoy cellular in every nook and cranny of your retail store, or office building - Find the most suitable cellular signal booster now to increase your cell phone network bars and save money, time, or boost your business productivity.

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  • I am having a lot of trouble with at@t and me only having one bar on an unlimited plan when I should have 3 they need to put a new tower near me bc the tower they have is slightly broken and they have been saying that they are putting new ones for a whole and yet they haven’t

    Jaxson on
  • I’m super aggravated with Verizon…I am on vacation and they have been very unreliable. I can’t make or take calls, my maps function is completely unusable…irratated is putting it lightly!

    Teresa A Gantt on
  • There are a surprising number of reliable ways to boost your cellphone signal strength for free. The bad thing is that there are a number of myths and misconceptions concerning how people can do so, which is why articles like this are needed. There is so much misinformation out there but good stuff (like this) can steer you right. I’m speaking from experience as I’ve employed a couple of these tips successfully.

    Cary Fenderson on
  • I hate it when cell phone signal bars go down, especially when I’m on a call and I see I have half a bar (or no bar) and I start sweating that my call could drop at any second. This blog helped me understand what improves mobile signal strength and what hurts it. For me, the biggest problem is bad weather.

    Peter Bailey on

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