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How to Terminate Or Crimp Connectors On Coaxial Cables.

Sep 07, 2017

Watch the following video for explanation, instructions, and illustration of how to properly install or terminate the connectors on RG-11 cables. The process is similar for other kinds of cables but they may require different tools such as LMR-400 Cable Connector Crimp Tool and LMR-400 cable prep tool for LMR-400 equivalent cables.


Transcript: Today, we show you how to properly terminate or put the ends on RG11 cable. Doing this correctly will ensure a good connection to all the various components of your signal amplifier. Improperly terminated cable results in poor connection, which means less signal getting to the signal booster, and ultimately, less coverage area in the building.

You will need a RG11 stripping tool and an RG-11 crimper to get the job done right. A cutting tool is also handy to have around for the job. First, take the RG11 stripping tool and line it up with the edge of your cable. Spin the tool around the cable several times. You will feel the stripper cut through the shielding as you spin it around the cable. Pull the stripping tool off and remove any remaining pieces that are still connected. You will be left with something like shown in video. Peel the braided metal shielding back so it looks like shown. Make sure that no metal shielding makes contact with the center pin.

Slip the RG11 connector onto the cable. Be sure that the center conductor from the cable is properly inserted into the pin already in the connector. If the center conductor is too long, trim it off and try again until it fits properly. Do not trim the pin on the connector. Place the connector and the cable into the RG11 crimper and crimp down firmly, balancing the crimper a few times to ensure you have got a good, solid crimp.

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  • I’d like to see more tutorials like this about dealing with hands-on situations. The articles about cell phone boosters are useful, but these are good for people who deal with installing electronics ranging from professionals to DIYers.

    Jenn Carr on
  • Connectors and cables are something that might look challenging, but are easy to work with. RG11 connectors and RG11 compression tools don’t get any more user-friendly than this. When you have a RG11 cable and RG11 connector installation, just remember what you saw here. These videos are truly helpful for anyone from laypersons to technicians.

    Cory Richter on
  • Is it really that easy to terminate a cable? Wow! After watching this video I feel like I’d have no problem doing this job. Anyone know a good place to pick up the crimper and cutting tools from at a good price? Now that I know how to beef up my cell phone’s signal strength, I feel like I can do whatever side work is necessary to maximize a cell phone signal booster’s results.

    Frankie F. on
  • This was a very user-friendly video. I would never have tried this myself but after watching the video, I feel confident that I could take care of installing or removing connectors on a signal amplifier. It’s really not difficult when someone shows you the steps in this video, including what to do and what to avoid doing.

    Wesley Browning on

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