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Cellular Signal Booster for Office Unpacking & Installation

Sep 08, 2017


Above video will help you get the most out of your new Cel-Fi Smart signal booster improving wireless coverage and data rates while limiting dropped calls. 

Inside the box, you will find the following items: a QuickStart installation guide, the window unit, the coverage unit and two interchangeable power adapters.

Start with the window unit. Signal from your wireless carrier’s tower reaches your building. The window unit collects that signal and passes it onto the coverage unit where it is amplified throughout your facility. 

At least one bar of 3G or 4G service is required but having more bars is always better. Find the location with the highest number of bars. Make sure you see the 3G or 4G icon on the handset, then place the window unit in that area. Plug the window unit in and wait a few minutes for the wake up sequence to complete. 

Now set up the coverage unit. The farther apart you put the two units the better the system will work. The larger the facility, the farther apart the two units should be. However, it is possible to put the two units too far apart. You may need to try several locations to find the best one. 

Place the coverage unit in the area of your building where coverage is needed. Wait for the digits on the numeric display to stop scrolling. This could take several minutes. Once the coverage unit has established communication with the window unit, you should see a green icon like the one shown here. If a zero appears on the numeric screen, the units are too close together. If you see a red icon, the units are too far away from each other. 

The numbers shown on the coverage unit indicates the size of the coverage area. Try moving the coverage unit until you get an eight or nine on the display. In smaller buildings, the biggest coverage number you can get may be smaller. 

You should now have much better 3G or 4G service on your phone. Walk around your facility and make sure you have coverage everywhere. If there's an area in your building that does not have good coverage, move the coverage unit closer to that area and test again with your mobile phone. We hope you enjoy the improved coverage and higher data rates from your new cel-fi Smart signal booster.

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  • I’m not positive if I could do the install on this cell phone booster for an office just by watching the video. I do think however that I could do the install after watching the video and reading the instruction manual. The video is well put together and whoever made it did a good job. It shows you a lot of what goes into installing your cell phone booster.

    Lauren K. on
  • Nice video. I know there are some cell boosters that come with installation, but if you’re going to put one in yourself, this looks like the video you should watch!

    Louis Michaels on
  • I think people are finally waking up to the possibilities of cell signal boosters, whether they get a cell phone booster for home or a cell phone booster for the office. So, you’ve got one (there are plenty of brands to choose from such as Weboost, Wilson, and Cel-fi), but you may be wondering about cell booster installation itself, whether it’s a question of how to install a Weboost in your home or a Wilson booster installation in your office. Thankfully this Cel-fi installation video shows how easy these devices are to install. When you figure this video concerns an office, it’s remarkably easy, yet remarkably effective.
    Jos LeCroix on
  • This video makes things look a lot easier than I thought they’d be. You figure every office demands clear calls and good connectivity. You also want to maximize data downloads and uploads. These cell phone signal boosters look interesting. I didn’t know there was a way to magnify your cell phone’s signal.

    Joseph Mueller on
  • This lady really knows how to get things done and so will anyone watching this video. This looks like the perfect way if you’re looking how to increase cell phone signal strength in the workplace. It looks like it couldn’t be any easier installing the cell phone signal amplifier. Just a quick check of the signals and you set things up, and presto- people can actually use their phones. Clients will be happy knowing they aren’t being disconnected and employees will be less frustrated. Well made video by the way.

    Eddie Creacham on

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