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iBWave Design for Installation of Passive DAS Signal Boosters

Sep 11, 2017

iBWave Design for Installation of Passive DAS Signal Boosters

What is iBWave Design and Why is it Important?

Simply put, iBWave Design is an industry standard for designing in-building wireless networks. It is the most powerful software to design large and complex in-building wireless networks. Therefore, we use this cell phone signal booster and distributed antenna system design software for our clients that have complex structure(s) with weak signals indoors and need infusion of wireless signals inside.

At the turn of the 21st century, demand for cellular devices grew so rapidly that many large facilities simply did not have the infrastructure or bandwidth to keep pace. But when it comes to planning cell phone signal booster installations of this scope, it can be difficult to look at a blank slate and see a final product.

Recognizing the need to simplify and streamline the process of designing in-building wireless networks, chooses iBwave Solutions for best results.

Founded in Toronto in 2003, iBwave has claimed the spot as a preeminent developer, and provider, of telecom radio planning software—most notably iBwave Design, which has been lauded by equipment vendors, system integrators and telecom operators alike.

iBwave Wi-Fi enables us to manage and execute at all stages of our networking projects, from initial site assessments, to 3D design, right through validation and close-out.

What does that mean for you? That one's easy: We're able to accelerate the completion of your projects, increase the productivity of your network, and you will gain more control over your bottom line too. Simply put, we can plan your entire project, experience the impact of your design, and see the work unfold on our device before we ever break ground.

Key Challenges to Deploying Successful DAS.

Getting the most out of one signal booster in a large facility can be challenging. But to get maximum coverage throughout the entire property, think about how hard it can be to appropriately configure a distributed antenna system with many nodes. The difficulty in forecasting your needs prior to undertaking a project can present numerous added challenges:

  • Progress may be impeded as installation team works through numerous iterations in search of the best setup for your DAS.
  • Your DAS installation may not provide the maximum potential coverage if all options are not explored.
  • Cost control may be difficult if a clear path for installation is not put into place from the onset.
  • Selecting the right equipment, including your preferred network repeater, cell phone amplifier, signal booster antenna and additional parts required for maintenance.

How can iBwave address these core concerns?

iBwave Design helps to mitigate your exposure to these risks in a number of ways. As a cloud-based solution, all members of our team will be able to access the same information, at the same time, from any location. And with an intuitive drag-and-drop formula, we can move access points and network equipment anywhere in your facility as a 3D model before a permanent decision is made.

And by assigning costs to materials as we design, we can run an ongoing analysis of your capital outlay for greater insight and management over the finances.

Additional benefits of iBWave Design.

In addition to the aforementioned benefits, iBwave has numerous other features to add value for customers:

  • iBwave Viewer, provides a secure link for us to send designs to our customers so they can review the project in real time.
  • Automatic AP placement and channel assignment, gives us greater control over the design of the Distributed Antenna System (DAS).
  • Customizable interface supports optimal user experience, including toolbars and panels.
  • A fully stocked inventory of parts, coupled with a customer support team that can add missing parts to your database for you, ensures that we will always have the right equipment for the task at hand.

What will your final product look like with iBwave Design?

Before we install your DAS, it can be useful to think about what we want the finished product to look like. But it is not easy to see the full picture when it comes to commercial signal boosters. That is where iBwave Design comes into play. To see what the final product will look like, we can use iBwave design software.

For larger, complex installations of cell phone signal booster systems, we can provide additional support. To check out our products and services, and to get an installation quote, you can get a submission form by clicking here.

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  • From what I know, you have to plan ahead when you install a distributed antenna system (passive or otherwise). It’s not something you just put in and wait for the magic to happen. With that in mind, I can see where the IBWave Design helps map everything out and get it in place.

    Beth Jo Murphy on
  • I see the picture of a stadium and I think of all the dead zones in it. Let’s be real, anyone who’s been to a sports stadium knows what a hellacious experience it can be trying to dial out, download player stats, or even text. I’m glad to see this ibwave design tutorial because it gives me hope the stadiums are getting with the program, whether it’s looking into ibwave prices, ibwave design system requirements, or ibwave design software prices. Just get the systems in place so patrons have strong signals for their cell phones and emergency responders can communicate throughout the building.

    Davis MacLachlan on
  • Looks like an ideal way for anyone with a decent size building to assess things before they buy any equipment to help improve cell phone signal strength. If pre-planning means doing things right on the first outing, I’m all for it.

    Cary Pollard on
  • The wonders of technology. Installing a cell phone booster in your business seems like a wise move, but how do you deal with the layout of the office and the other factors affecting the booster? Naturally, no one wants the technicians to have to come back several times to fine-tune things, even if there is no additional charge. The idea of a software that helps map things out is a terrific idea.

    Michael Rickard on

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