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Inside Panel Antenna Installation Tips for Interior/ Indoor Use

Aug 23, 2017

Inside Panel Antenna Installation Tips for Interior/ Indoor Use

Today's cell phone signal booster installation tip is on inside panel antennas for interior/ indoor use. These types of directional internal antennas are very versatile and can be mounted in a number of different ways indoors. Obviously, you can mount these within interiors of homes, apartments, condos, and buildings like shown in video, on a wall facing into a room. However, in certain situations you can also mount these uni-directional antennas on a high ceiling facing down into the room. This latter method also helps improve cellular signal in many instances to lower floors of a two storey home, or a multi-storey building.

If you have already purchased a cellular signal booster kit that has a panel antenna, you can likely purchase a cell signal booster kit antenna expansion kit with one or more panel antennas to increase coverage even more within confines of your home, apartment, or building. Those kits include parts necessary such as cable(s) and splitter to connect multiple indoor antennae to any complete cellular amplifier system you may have already purchased or plan to purchase.

Please note that you can mount unidirectional panel antennas upside down or upright, because it does not matter since the beam of signal projection will not be affected in any manner. Only keep in mind that the broadcast pattern is in one direction only, like shown in video. Therefore, very little signal is transferred from the back of Panel antennas. These work great in conjunction with directional outside antennas. Only make sure that both antennas are not facing towards each other because their broadcast field is in a single direction. Watch the short 49 seconds video below for a great illustration of this cellular signal booster antenna mounting topic.


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  • While it’s good that you can get cellular booster antenna kits, it’s a reminder to make sure you purchase the right cell phone booster. There are bound to be cases where you think you bought the best one for your home, but you need an extra antenna. However, why have to spend extra money when you could have bought the correct product the first time.

    Taylor Diamond on
  • Can you mount directional panel antennas back to back on the same wall seperating two rooms? Its a block house with lots of lathe and plaster.

    Harley on
  • Can you mount the panel antenna on the basement Joists facing up? Will the signal go through the floor? In this case the basement ceiling joists are open.

    Bill on
  • Can a DT directional antenna be used inside as a replacement panel antenna? They look so similar. I bought another more powerful directional antenna for the outside.

    Pablo on
  • Even though cable tv has supplanted traditional antenna tvs, people still want to know how to make an antenna signal stronger, how to install an indoor tv antenna, and how to boost outdoor tv signal signals. Why? Because more people are cutting the cord and relying on TV antennas to get what they want (remember, not everyone wants 3000 channels). Likewise, people are looking to make their cell phones work better (fast data, clear calls, no dropped calls) by using cell phone boosters rather than buying new phone models which offer no guarantee of better service. Just like you do with a tv antenna, you’ll want to check out your cell phone booster antenna to ensure maximum reception.

    Gustav Schroeck on
  • Looks like you can do a lot when you have the antennae set up correctly. It looks like there are small steps you can make to help your cell phone signal booster do more in heightening cell phone signals. I want maximum power for my calls so if I need to make a couple adjustments, it’s okay by me.

    Donald Raymond on
  • I was a little confused about how this device worked until I watched the video. It looks like it’s a way how to increase cell phone cell signal strength through your entire residence. I didn’t know it spreads out like the video shows. That looks like full coverage. Glad I watched this because I’m confident this could be the device I need.

    Kyle Bradford on

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