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Georgia Company Installs zBoost Signal Booster on 18th Floor

Aug 24, 2017

Georgia Company Installs zBoost Signal Booster on 18th Floor

A Case Study.

The Doll Group in Atlanta, GA installed zBoost SOHO cell signal booster to eliminate the problem of too many missed or dropped cell phone calls in their eighteenth floor office.

Customer Details.

The Doll Group office at the Morgan Stanley Smith Barney, LLC had serious issues of dropped and missed cell phone calls in their Atlanta 18th floor office. They needed a solution to boost the indoor signal for wireless devices, Smartphones, data cards, Tablets and cell phones. The company needed to enhance both voice and data for multi-users in their extensive office.

Major Concern.

Install a cellular signal booster system to help the company eliminate the issue of dropped and missed cell calls and data access in their eighteenth floor office.

Proposed Solution.

The Doll Group office chose the zBoost SOHO cell phone signal booster due to its unique characteristic of improving cell phone signal for multi-users. It works with all U.S. carriers and all manner of cellular devices. The building’s construction and floor level affected the signal leaving the company’s lifeline in jeopardy. With the installation of the zBoost SOHO cellular phone signal booster, this problem would be in the past.

About Morgan Stanley Smith Barney, LLC.

The Doll Group is a company that thrives on calling, receiving calls and data related information from customers. Being on 18th floor made the signal weak and lots of calls were missed or dropped. zBoost signal booster allowed them to eliminate this problem.

About zBoost.

Since 2002 and lots of globally praised awards later, zBoost has offered diverse signal boosters for use in homes, vehicles and small to large businesses across North America. Its signal amplifiers don’t interfere with the signal reception of a carrier.

Post Installation Results.

  • Even after six months, the signal remains strong as ever.
  • No more missed or dropped calls from their customers.
  • Better voice and data speeds.


Challenges with your home, business or car cell phone network? Do you know is zBoost authorized dealer, retailer and installer and can help? Contact us today with your location and requirements. Apart from the best signal booster framework being designed for you, the proposal will include quote on equipment and installation to rapidly handle the signal problem.


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  • LOL. I think I overthought this one when I read it. I kept asking myself why the 18th floor was so problematic compared to the 17 floors below. Then I realized this Georgia company is probably only located on the 18th floor and the other floors are for other businesses. I haven’t read any case studies with Zboost so this was good to read so I know what the brand can do.

    Moira Munn on
  • An indoor cell phone signal booster is what I’ve been looking for because I have some bizarre dead zones in my home. There are some places where my phone just fades out or drops calls, regardless of whether I’m upstairs or in the basement. I’m unsure whether I’ll get a zboost signal booster, but there will be a cell phone booster in my home before long.

    W. Goldman on
  • Sounds like this outfit was having some problems up on the 18th floor. It’s easy to envision signals having problems getting through all the obstructions in a metropolis along with traveling up to the 18th floor. If Morgan Stanley found relief in getting a strong signal for their cell phones, I can imagine how much a signal booster will heighten a cell phone in a ground floor or two-story home.

    Ned Porter on
  • I have mixed feelings about testimonials, but if a company like Morgan Stanley utilizes a ZBoost Signal Booster, you have to take notice. I can’t envision them going to Radio Shack (are they even around anymore?) and picking up the first thing they see. They must have spent time researching things and figuring out what was the best solution for their problem.

    Morgan Matthews on

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