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Case Study: Boosts Signal in School's Gym

Aug 21, 2021

Case Study: Boosts Signal in School's Gym

Severn School Boosts Cell Signal in Gym.

Severn School, located at 201 Water Street, Severna Park, MD, required a cell booster system installation inside its Edward St. John Athletic Center (Gym). deployed cellular signal boosting system that permanently fixed weak cell reception problem in the gymnasium of the Maryland School.


Severn School in Maryland needed the cellular signal in their athletic center improved so that the staff, athletes, and audience during practice and sporting events can stay connected. The headmaster of the school was desperate for a solution.

Without improved cellular connectivity, he knew that students and their parents would not be able to share athletic events on social media as they happened. This would remove the schools' ability to rely on social media marketing opportunities by students and parents.

So, he did his homework and approached


The biggest challenge during installation was bringing in the cellular signal by installing four internal domes to feed the entire Gym. Professional installers used a scissor lift to reach the ceiling using the correct security instruments for doing the installation properly.

A system comprising of a Wilson Pro 1100 with four internal domes were installed in the gym.

Exterior Donor Antenna Aimed Towards Direction of Maximum Incoming Signal:

Outside Donor Antenna Aimed Towards Direction of Maximum Incoming Signal

View of Commercial Grade Cell Phone Signal Amplifiers Installed:

View of Commercial Grade Cell Phone Signal Amplifiers Installed

Indoor Signal Broadcast Ceiling Antenna Installed Professionally:

Rugged Indoor Signal Broadcast Ceiling Antenna Installed

Cell Phone Signal Reception Problem Solved in Athletic Center


After installation was completed, the cellular signal was strong throughout the whole athletic center.

Students, parents, spectators and staff members enjoy their newfound connectivity and maximize its usage during sporting events. Cell Phone Signal Reception Problem Solved in Athletic Center.

The moral of the case study: Signal boosters are good for any aspect of education. If you're at a school or any other educational institution and see that poor cellular connectivity is causing problems, look to for a solution.

If you have any questions or if we can help in any way, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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  • This was an eye-opening read. If I understand it right, one of the school’s main motives for putting a signal booster system in is so parents and students can post pictures and videos from sporting events to social media. What puzzles me is where the “social media marketing” opportunities come from and why it’s so important for the school.

    Fern McCloud on
  • We need more public buildings to have cell phone boosters and not just schools. This technology isn’t new but government officials continue to ignore putting it in their cave-like buildings that block signals. Life would be so much nicer for anyone inside a municipal building if it was wired for good cell service with a booster.

    Karen J. on
  • Todd, your comment that you didn’t know why a gym would need a cell phone booster reminds me of my own question. I was talking with my nephews (who go to the same high school I went to) and I was harassing them about always being on their phones. I haven’t been to the school in over 30 years and they told me things have changed quite a bit (they didn’t put it that nicely). They informed me that the gym is even more of a social gathering and it’s played an even bigger role during the pandemic.

    J.T. Woods on
  • I suppose it’s good that this school found a way for people in the gym to make cell phone calls without the hassle of dropped calls or bad call reception. Both problems are aggravating, but for me, it’s more aggravating when you see some sort of school event and parents are on their phones instead of watching a game or listening to whatever gathering they’re there for. Guess this is a case of the cellular signal boosting technology being useful, but people being rude. Anyone else think so?

    Chester Lyndon on
  • The local school districts are known for excessive and wasteful spending with insane outlays for things ranging from cosmetic surgery for teachers in their health insurance plans to sending teachers on “retreats” that are glorified vacations. Investing in a signal booster doesn’t sound frivolous to me and may be one of the best decisions I’ve seen from a school district.

    Kevin Gould on
  • Todd, you’re right that a number of events happen at the school gym. In some ways it’s like the social hall for schools. You have games there as well as functions like school dances and rallies. I’m sure the people who go there (especially teachers and parents) want to have a good cell phone signal to call home and such. That’s where a cell phone signal booster is helpful because schools are usually made of the materials that weaken phone signals.

    Shayna K. on
  • At first, I wasn’t sure why a school gym would need a cell phone booster system. It’s not like kids are playing dodgeball while they’re on their cell phones. I forgot that school gyms are used for a number of things where there are adults present so people want to be able to use their cell phones. Glad this school was able to solve its problem with this booster.

    Todd French on

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