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Massachusetts Bridge Contractors Phone Booster Case Study

Mar 28, 2019

Location Details.

N.E. Bridge Contractors, Inc. in Norton, Massachusetts specialize in railroad and road under bridge accessing equipment. They required a working cell phone signal in their place of work. Due to a poor cell signal inside their premises, a powerful cell phone signal booster was installed and completely fixed the poor cellular transmission - not only for all US cell carriers, but also giant carriers as well with their reach even in Norton.

Major Concern.

As a company that requires a working and powerful cellular coverage at all times to serve customers efficiently, it came as a shock for N.E. Bridge Contractors, Inc. to find out they couldn't do so due to a poor cell phone signal. This is hugely due to the premises’ building material, which is a metal building. As a result, no cell phone signal could penetrate from the outside leaving the metal building without a working cellular coverage on the inside. Dropped calls, low to zero internet connection, delayed text messages and delayed communication was the norm.

SureCall Fusion 5X Installation Case Study


N.E. Bridge Contractors, Inc. required an effective solution that could enhance the cell phone signal coverage, improve internet connection, voice and text messaging across the metal building. An assessment was carried out by across the entire location which identified the problem and the reason for the poor cellular coverage inside the metal building. Technicians on the ground identified and recommended SureCall Fusion 5X as the perfect solution for the problem that could ensure a cellular signal would be spread powerfully inside the metal building for a robust connectivity all round.

SureCall Fusion 5X Installed


Certified installers from ensured that the identified SureCall Fusion 5X was expertly and properly installed in the premises. The signal amplifier was installed safely to mesh perfectly well with the surroundings.

SureCall Fusion5X Install Results


Once the equipment installation was complete, a test was carried out to ascertain the efficiency of the identified SureCall Fusion 5X solution. The test indicated that the identified cell phone signal booster had boosted the cell signal throughout the entire metal building for all carriers including AT&T and Verizon.

Exterior LPDA Antenna Install

The Company.

N.E. Bridge Contractors deal in road and railroad under bridge access equipment. Their under bridge trucks, commonly identified as “Snoopers”, are effective in guaranteeing safe inspections, repairs and entree to all the different sections of a bridge. The contractors also avail Hi-Rail under bridge trucks as well as Hi-Rail bucket trucks usually used in Shortline Railroads and Class I Railroads.


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  • Another case study that explains why some businesses need help with their cell phone booster. Sometimes it’s basic connectivity issues where it’s problematic having spotty coverage (such as a retail store) while others are matters of safety like here where it’s vital to be able to get help right away.

    Wendi Sanders on
  • This looks like a solid construction. I would think there are many weather conditions to consider when putting a system like this together (a signal booster). With Massachusetts being a four-season climate, you have to make sure it holds up through hot and cold weather. What works for a generally temperate climate might not hold up in weather that varies from hot to cold. I’d think signal boosters require precision so that’s where good installers come in handy.

    Mark K. Stillwell on

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