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Oilfield Supply Company Phone Booster Case Study in Buffalo, Texas

Nov 14, 2018

Oilfield Supply Company Phone Booster Case Study in Buffalo, Texas

Oilfield Supply Company in Buffalo, Texas with very little or no phone signal inside the building

Owners of an oil field supply company in Buffalo, Texas, urgently required reliable 4G cell phone signal for quality voice and data connectivity within their facility. Cellular needs for a business office were essential.

Site Description

In this case study in Buffalo, Texas, the owners of a 10,000 ft.² manufacturing facility, encompassing 2,000 ft.² of office space, were unable to achieve reliable cellular signal within the building.

Problems with Cellular Connectivity

The lack of cellular signal was primarily due to the materials used to construct the building. The building concerned was constructed of corrugated metal with a corrugated metal roof. Although located very close to a cellular tower, the building was located in a low-lying area, another factor helping create a total cellular dead zone within this building.

Again, the issue was the materials used to construct the building. Corrugated metal constructions are very common and the majority of these buildings experience the same issues with mobile reception. In order to achieve a reliable wireless connection in these types of buildings, the smart phone user will typically be required to place their smartphone as close to a window as possible.

This 10,000 sq. ft. manufacturing facility in Buffalo, Texas, was unable to achieve 4G coverage within the building causing inconvenience, and lost productivity consistently.

Phone Booster System Solution

Our experienced RF technicians carried out a detailed site survey across the building, with signal readings taken from both inside and outside the facility to determine which cellular coverage phone booster we should install in this circumstance. At the same time, our technicians charted cable routes, in addition to locating an ideal place to install the new phone booster.

Because of the building materials used in the construction of this manufacturing facility, the size of the facility, the layout, and other factors identified during the comprehensive site survey, it was proposed that a weBoost Connect 4G-X phone booster with a single dome inside antenna be installed. It is manufactured by Wilson Electronics, a reputable manufacturer. The reason a weBoost 4G-X phone booster was selected is because it has ability to operate for this size buildings to cover it fully, whilst achieving strong external cellular signals without damaging or overloading the boosting unit. In addition, it simultaneously supports multiple phones on multiple cell carrier’s mobile networks.

Installation of the Phone Booster Kit

Once the antenna and cable routing had been identified, installation of the Wilson Electronics phone booster was carried out. Installation was completed quickly in such a manner as to ensure that the boosting unit and its peripheral accessories were professionally installed in safe locations, non-obtrusively.

Phone booster installed in oil field supply company, Buffalo, Texas

Post-Installation Results

Following installation process of the phone boosting kit, testing of the cellphone signal was carried out across the building. Owners of the 10,000 square feet manufacturing facility were happy to see they were receiving strong and reliable 3 to 4 bars of 4G LTE signal on all devices throughout the building.

Is your mid-size business in a similar situation? Is it located in a very rural or remote area with very poor reception? We provide phone booster installation nationwide. Call us for a FREE consultation at 1-855-846-2654. Or you may submit site location info and other pertinent details at link above so we can provide you with a phone booster system materials and install quotation.

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  • Here’s yet another case of a Texas installation that had awful cell phone reception because of its building materials. These cases seem common and I understand why but are there are case studies where a cell phone booster system had to be installed due to weather problems? Maybe someplace like Alaska or Buffalo, NY

    Jamie Carlson on
  • Bet those Texas oil fields are glad to have cell service and it sounds like signal booster installation service firms are keeping busy making sure the cell signals come in strong. I’m not sure exactly how these phone boosters work, but it sounds like they’re vital in remote areas like Buffalo, Texas. The oilfield industry has to have reliable communications, especially if something goes wrong out there. I would think whoever is in charge of an oilfield wants to make sure they can reach their workers (and vice versa). There’s just too much money invested in such a business, not to mention the human lives.

    Angel Harrison on
  • I’ve noticed more than one study for phone boosters in the Texas area. Texas is such a big state that it makes sense that people are going to encounter problems if they’re far away from a cell tower. I bet cell phone booster companies do pretty good for themselves setting up phone boosters for Texas residences and businesses. It also makes sense that you see phone booster installation services handling set-up, not only because you need a professional for a business phone booster, but because you want someone who knows the various factors involved in making sure your equipment works as best as possible.

    Sherry Olcott on

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