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Cell Phone Signal Booster Plus Installation Bundle

Nov 05, 2021

Cell Phone Signal Booster Plus Installation Bundle

If you're looking for a residential or commercial grade cell phone signal booster and installation bundle, you're at the right place.

Cell signal booster plus install packages at preceding link are affordable turnkey solutions to weak cell signal in your home, or office to provide better cellular coverage range for the whole home/office*.

A simple 2-step process helps you acquire cell booster along with professional installation - Both from $899.99 across USA.

Financing available.

Step one: Place order for suitable cell phone booster plus installation bundle from link provided above.

Step two: Upon receipt of your signal amplifier kit we will ship you, call to schedule installation service by phone, or choose convenient time window online per instructions included in the packaging.

A certified installer can arrive by the next day, or whenever convenient for you, and install the system professionally for you.

Call for FREE consultation:


If you need better cell coverage for a medium to large size business or commercial property that does not fit packages shown, please submit request for oversized area coverage cell phone booster with installation now.

*Entire home/office cell coverage boosted, depending on outside signal strength:

While this package covers practically all size homes and small to medium sized offices across USA, outside signal strength on the roof of your home / office has a huge impact on the coverage area you can expect from a cell phone booster kit.

Please note that many factors determine coverage area, so actual results may differ from the very rough estimates given below.

Please note that if there's absolutely no cellphone signal outside your home, building, apartment, or property - No signal booster can help produce signal inside. An active Distributed Antenna System (DAS) or Small Cell Technology signal enhancing system will be required in those instances when there's no cell phone service outside. Some restrictions apply. Please contact us for details.

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  • As Jamar mentioned, this is a package deal I’ve been waiting for. The cost of installation is worth the peace of mind I have knowing the booster is installed properly and by a certified professional.

    Robert Kelly on
  • This is an idea that’s really long overdue. I’ve wanted a cell phone booster for years but know I’d make a complete disaster in my home trying to install one. The idea of a certified installer putting one in is something that should have been available years ago. As the saying goes, no use crying over spilled milk.

    Jamar Lewis on
  • I’m glad that cell phone signal boosters have come down in price and that there are different packages that include installation. Although I’ve heard these are relatively simple to install, I like the idea of having a certified pro install it for me rather than me working on it. Anyone else agree?

    Harry Kendrick on
  • What happens when someone like me doesn’t have good cell phone reception where they live, but they’re afraid of trying to put in a booster and wrecking it in the process? In my case, I have been holding off on getting a booster but this installation bundle has me thinking my problems are over.

    Christopher C. Dixon on
  • A bundle is the way to go. I have to get something for my mom’s house when I’m away, so this kind of service is perfect for me. I don’t have to worry and she doesn’t either.

    David M on
  • Cell phone booster plus installation? That’s what I want because I don’t want the headache of putting a booster in myself and A) I make a disaster area out of my house and B) it doesn’t work right. A 2-step process sounds easy enough. How long does it take for an installer to put a cell phone booster in? Just trying to figure out how much time I’ll need to be home.

    Steve Belson on
  • I’m not sure if I need a cell phone booster. I’ve looked at some of the articles here that talk about how to improve your signal WITHOUT using a booster. Some have worked but not all the time. I’m still on the fence. I just was on the phone today and a storm interfered with my signal.

    J.P. Bennett on
  • Should I get a booster? I think I should because my cell phone coverage continues to give me headaches. Pretty much the last three months have been a nightmare as signals don’t seem the same and I don’t even bother trying to use wi-fi to piggyback on (maybe I should get a wi-fi booster too). Somebody told me the installation isn’t that much which makes this package look checking into.

    Maddie B. on
  • That’s an incredible range (up to 7500 square feet) for the price (including installation). With the stimulus check and talk of a second, I may look at getting this one for my business (home office). Excellent tax write-off and I need a booster badly.

    Ned Adams on
  • I think this booster is worth checking out (with installation naturally as I’m too lazy to do it myself). People complain about using credit cards too much and yes, it can be a problem for some, but 6 or 12 months no interest financing is a good way to buy something over time instead of the old days of layaway. Does anyone remember that? Pay so much every month until the item was paid off then you got it. I’m all about instant gratification.

    Darius Austin on

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