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SureCall Public Safety Apartment Complex Signal Booster Installed in Arizona.

May 12, 2017

SureCall Public Safety Apartment Complex Signal Booster Installed in Arizona.

SureCall Guardian 3 QR Signal Booster boosts reception of all Public Safety Bands to increase signal strength for crucial first responder communications inside Optima Kierland apartment complex building in Scottsdale near Phoenix, Arizona.

Case Study.

In an apartment complex, the public safety bands signal strength was really very low and weak. SureCall's Guardian3 QR Public Safety Band Booster was chosen for installation to enhance critical first responder communication. SureCall's apartment complex signal booster improved reception on all public safety bands to ensure emergency personnel's two way radios will work in an even of an emergency.

Customer Details.

After construction of Optima Kierland apartment complex in Scottsdale which is east of Phoenix, AZ, it was concluded that the signal for emergency services needed improvement. It was found out the signal reading dipped to -102 dBm at times. It was spotty, low and weak average that doesn't meet the standards of such a huge apartment building complex. According to the Authority Having Jurisdiction (AHJ), the building needed minimum signal strength of -95 dBm. AHJ also requires all critical areas such as exit passageways, elevator lobbies and command centers for emergencies in all floors to have radio coverage of 99 percent. An effective, yet affordable solution was needed to help solve the poor signal problem.

Major Concerns.

Find a signal enhancement solution that would penetrate the modern construction materials weakening the cellular radio signals. The lack of strong signal interfered with emergency response preparedness in all the apartment complex floors.

Proposed Solution.

After the situation was assessed, the proposed solution that would work to boost the signal strength for emergency response in every floor was found to be the Guardian3 Quick Response amplifier from SureCall.

The SureCall Guardian3 QR public safety band booster is a bi-directional and tri-band cellular signal amplifier. It improves the signal up to a maximum of 80,000 sq. ft. The signal booster meets the National Fire Protection Association 72 Emergency Communication System's code and 4-rated repeater housing by the National Electrical Manufacturers Association.

Due to the gigantic size of the complex, four SureCall Guardian 3 QR repeaters were installed. This amplifier amplifies the signal strength for 100+ users simultaneously. The result was an impressive -65 dBm reading that exceeds the AHJ requirement for Scottsdale, Arizona.

About Optima Kierland.

Optima Kierland is a new townhouse and condo development at the Kierland Boulevard in Scottsdale, Arizona. It has 12 stories and 380 units in total ranging from 720 square feet to 4550 square feet each.

About SureCall.

A leading cellular device signal boosters manufacturer and multi-patented over the years, SureCall blends innovative technology with top quality designs to build award-winning cell phone and public safety signal boosters. Apart from amplifying FirstNet reception for critical first responders, it dramatically enhances 4G LTE, 3G and voice networks for cell phone users.

Post Installation Results.

SureCall Guardian 3 QR Public Safety Signal Booster boosted reception of all Public Safety Bands in apartment complex building of Scottsdale near Phoenix, AZ. The following are the specific results:

  • Optima Kierland easily passed the City's first inspection.
  • Apartment complex now has a -65 dBm reading making it safe and emergency response accessible.
  • Affordable solution that meets the fixed budget for the giant building apartment complex to improve their emergency response.


Working on a giant apartment complex or a typical residential apartment? Do you have similar signal strength challenges within the building? is a SureCall authorized installer, retailer and dealer. Furnish us with your requirements and location information and we will ensure you get the most ideal signal strength amplifier system that fits your needs. In the proposal, we will include installation and the equipment to resolve the poor signal concerns in your complex.

SOURCE: Originally posted at SURECALL.COM. Modified to highlight SureCall signal boosting products were used for installation. was not the installer of signal booster system in this case study.

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  • Putting a public safety booster in the apartment is a good idea for first responders and for residents, who likely feel safer knowing first responders will be able to talk to each other.

    Roger Blevins on
  • I see this more and more as new buildings open and smart owners set up cell signal boosters to ensure good reception and transmission. Does anyone know if there are any steps being put forth for mandatory guarantees on reception? I’ve seen some articles mention buildings often have to set up proper reception for first responders. Why not have a national standard?

    Bob D'Acosta on

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