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What is Public Safety DAS and How to Install, Monitor, Maintain?

Mar 21, 2014

What is Public Safety DAS and How to Install, Monitor, Maintain?

Every jurisdiction has its own regulations and laws regarding coverage for public safety radio. While no two technological systems are alike, DAS (distributed antenna system) technology can vary and be customized to suit the needs of each individual project. For this reason, an engineer qualified in DAS technology is required to analyze the specifics of a system and design the perfect technological specifications required in order to ensure that all regulations are fully complied with.

Our team of Public Safety DAS engineers are qualified experts in their field, with many working in a consultancy role, providing advice to ordinances and municipalities on the needs of first responder radio systems. With their skills in high demand, our team of DAS engineers have great experience teaching and advising building inspectors and fire personnel on all matters of compliance with respect to DAS systems.

The IFC (International Fire Code) sets out requirements for any person charged with the role of commissioning a DAS set up to meet the legal requirements of cell carriers and jurisdictions, which can differ from place to place. These requirements include that Public Safety Distributed Antenna System tech. must hold a current General Radio Operators Licence issued by the FCC, along with at least one of these recognized qualifications:

  • Equipment Manufacturers' Certification.
  • Electronic Technicians International (ETA).
  • Personal Communications Industry Association (PCIA).
  • National Association of Business and Education Radio (NABER).

When you partner with us, you will have access to licensed engineers who will attend on-site and assume all relevant responsibility for compliance with all relevant stakeholders, including the authority having jurisdiction. We help with Public Safety DAS Installation, Monitoring, and Maintainance - so you need not worry about its technicalities and requirements.

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  • To me, public safety DAS is one of the best things ever invented. DAS technology itself is a huge difference-maker for areas that have structural issues that prevent a traditional cell phone booster from working. DAS allows people to get reliable cell signals. Likewise, public safety DAS allows public safety officers and volunteers to have clear communications with one another when they go into dangerous situations.

    J.J. Hanson on

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