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Restaurant Cell Phone Signal Booster Installation Case Study

Jan 07, 2019

Restaurant Cell Phone Signal Booster Installation Case Study

Location Details.

The owners of Lupe Tortilla Restaurant in Sugar Land, Texas who are known for serving authentic Mexican foods right from scratch serving dinners, lunches and breakfasts needed a superbly working cellular signal in their premises to effectively manage table booking during busy hours via text. After a powerful cell phone signal booster system was installed by, the weak signal became a thing of the past. Excellent coverage in the restaurant keeps their business running effectively.

Major Concern.

A major eatery near Houston, Lupe Tortilla thrives on offering the best meals and service to its customers. Customer service is critical to the restaurant so much that they use Patrons cellular phone to send text messages as an alert that a table is ready during busy hours to cater for clients who have to wait for free tables. It means the cell phone signal around the restaurant need to be highly efficient and working to ensure text messages aren't delayed. A better cellular signal also mean no dropped calls, low internet and delayed communication in a thorough Sugarland restaurant. However, the restaurant building construction, which is superbly done had completely weakened the cellular signal on the inside. Cell phone coverage on the inside was poor to almost no cellular service in critical waiting areas.


Lupe Tortilla Restaurant required a solution that would improve their cellular coverage, boost cellular services, and enhance text, voice and data networks in the waiting areas and around the restaurant. SureCall Fusion5X 2.0 amplifier kit was installed by, which included a Yagi antenna and four panel antennae. This phone booster kit was selected due to the building materials, building size and overall building construction of the restaurant, which was the main reason for a weakened cell signal.


The installation of Fusion5X signal amplifier was performed by our certified SureCall installers. The signal amplifier was placed discreetly in attic space above the bar and waiting area. That is where the cellular signal was most affected. The aim was to create a much better cell reception using shortest possible cables connected to interior antennas for least cable loss and maximum signal strength output.


After installation of the cell phone signal amplifier, the overall cellular coverage was tested. It was tested with multiple phones text messaging system through hostess system. The aim was to ensure there was a reliable cell phone reception around the premises. After the installation, the results were highly satisfying. Lupe Tortilla Restaurant now has an excellent, reliable working cellular coverage and customer service has never been better. Problem solved.


Facing similar cellular signal problems in your home, office or business premises? We can resolve all types of cell phone reception issues in bars, upscale restaurants, fast food restaurants, etc. with great success stories like this one. Call us now with details of the cellular signal problem affecting your coverage. We will recommend a reliable, specific and efficiently working cellular reception booster system after an all-encompassing site survey. Our quote will include the equipment required and installation to speedily rectify cellular reception shortcomings in your home, office or business premises. For residential applications, we provide flat fee installation package that includes home signal booster and installation: Installed Home Cell Phone Booster.

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  • I like it when restaurants text you to confirm your reservation and they text you when your table is ready. It’s better than having to hold a pager that everyone on earth has probably held at one point. Naturally, you need a strong signal to do this so I understand why this Texas eatery opted for a cell signal booster system.

    Harry Hobson on
  • I don’t think many people realize how much cell phone boosters can help. I saw a news report on FOX about people buying them because they were stuck at home and couldn’t get a strong signal for work. Despite this publicity, most people don’t know what they are or what they do, whether it’s cell phone boosters for home or businesses. More business owners should read this to see what installing a cell phone booster can do for them.

    Marianne Barnett on
  • Call me weird but when I’m in a restaurant, I like having a strong signal. Two main reasons. Sometimes I dine alone and it’s relaxing to browse on my phone while I’m waiting for my meal. The other is that I am health-conscious and I can look up nutrition information if the restaurant doesn’t have the info. These are probably just two of many reasons people have for wanting to use their cell phones in a restaurant without a hassle.

    Jerry Clark on
  • I like to keep up on technology and read a number of magazines like Popular Science and Wired. I also enjoy reading blogs like the ones here. Anyways, from what I can tell, 5G is going to be helpful, but people are going to need cell phone boosters more than ever so I foresee many more homes and businesses getting them. When businesses see stories like this, they’ll want to get them.

    George Holder on
  • People may wonder why you’d want a strong signal in a restaurant especially since some people are rude about talking on their phone at a restaurant. However, I’ve noticed many restaurants text their customers when a table is ready so it’s imperative that your location has access to a good cell phone signal.

    Dani Spiegelman on
  • In this particular installation, the cell phone booster is used to cover the waiting area of the restaurant where during busy times, the restaurant sends patrons text messages when their table is ready.

    Installer Dave on
  • Is there any way they can put something in restaurants so people can’t use cell phones? LOL. I remember the days when you were paged if you had a phone (although I saw it on TV shows, I never saw a restaurant bring a phone to a customer, dragging a super long cord). Anyways, taking phone calls in restaurants is rude and ignorant. I’m all for restaurant staff getting a strong signal through a phone booster, but please, customers shouldn’t take calls. C’mon man, be polite!

    MiguelPerez on
  • I have mixed feelings about this. It’s cool that this business cell phone booster helped the restaurant so people can use their phones, but I detest hearing phones going off when I’m eating. Not sure how to react to this.

    Howard B. on

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