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5G Cell Phone Signal Booster Introduced by SureCall

Jan 08, 2019

5G Cell Phone Signal Booster Introduced by SureCall

SureCall has introduced Force 8, the first true 5G signal booster of its kind to provide signal boosting and improve inside-building connectivity on the 5G network. Aside from it, we currently carry Evolution 5G signal boosters that work the same on 2G, 3G, 4G, and LTE.

On January 7, 2019, CES 2019 has seen SureCall, the industry-leading manufacturer of cellular signal boosting technology introduce the first signal booster for the 5G network. Known as Force8, SureCall's new technology will be available in the second quarter of this year and will help increase connectivity on the 5G network throughout the United States' rural, suburban, and urban areas. While the lauch date is not set, it is be expected to become available later this year, in 2019.

This new technology has been engineered to improve and strengthen 5G non-millimeter wave cell phone signals for AT&T's mid-band 2.3 gigahertz and T-Mobile's 600 megahertz bands. In addition, the new 5G signal booster will continue to boost 4G LTE and 3G cell phone services across all United States carriers, including the 8-megahertz Sprint band and the AWS-3. This ensures that customers who have not yet switched to the new 5G network will still have the benefits of radio frequency connectivity and comprehensive country-wide coverage.

Hongtao Zhan, CEO and Founder of SureCall, noted reports that estimate up to 90% of people will not be able to access 5G network services in their buildings because the high-frequency RF signals necessary for this particular network are unable to penetrate building materials and structures. It is for this reason that cost-effective 5G connections are imperative for commercial buildings.

Noting SureCall's commitment to rectifying this problem by creating solutions to ensure reliable coverage on the 5G network for everybody, Hongtao Zhan expressed confidence that Force-8 technology is the essential first step needed for the 5G network's full deployment.

SureCall's Force8 signal booster begins at $6999, with prices varying due to the installation's scope and size. Professional installation is required, as is carrier approval.


Since being founded in 2001, SureCall has won multiple awards and taken out several patents in respect of their cellular signal boosting technology. The secret to their success is their ability to combine product designs that are powerfully innovative and constructed of the highest quality materials while always providing support and service to rival any other industry player. With technological solutions to ensure reliable, stable cell phone signals in cars, offices, and homes, SureCall has worked directly with institutions in the technology, automotive, hospitality, and oil and gas industries including Kaiser Permanente, Duke, Stanford, and even NASA. With such a long and impressive list of clients, it is clear that industry leaders trust SureCall to supply high quality, technologically advanced signal boosting solutions to suit a range of needs and circumstances.

Find out more about SureCall signal boosting products and technologies, today.

SureCall Force-8 Preliminary Details (Subject to change):

SureCall's Force8 is the first bi-directional cell signal amplifier for the 5G network. With the approval of all boosted carriers, Force8 improves 5G cell service for the T-Mobile (600 MHz band) and AT&T (2.3 GHz band). Additionally, Force8 is a HetNet and HetGen solution that improves cell service for every US cellular network and all cellular generations including 3G and 4G LTE voice, text, and data signals.

The Force8 industrial grade cell phone signal booster is equipped with Sentry to allow remote access to make adjustments to the system anytime and anywhere via desktop or mobile application (iPhone | Android).

SureCall Force8 Industrial Amplifier


  • First 5G signal booster that improves 5G service inside buildings for the T-Mobile (600 MHz) and AT&T (2.3 GHz) bands.

  • Improves 3G and 4G LTE voice, text, and data signals for every US cell carrier, including the Sprint (800 MHz) and AWS-3 bands.

  • Eliminates dropped and missed calls in buildings up to 80,000-square-feet*.

  • Built-in Sentry remote monitoring system allows cloud controlled adjustments to the booster anytime and anywhere via desktop or mobile app (iPhone | Android).

  • Each band is independently configurable to function in the most challenging environments.

  • Customizable kitting and multi-amplifier scalability provide the flexibility to accommodate any floor plan.

  • Best-in-Industry three-year warranty.

    Booster Kit Includes:

    Force8 Industrial booster with built-in Sentry monitoring system, power supply, USB cable to set up Sentry software.

    Additional Required Components:

    • An outside antenna (such as SC-230W Yagi or SC-288W omni-directional antenna).

    • Multiple indoor antennas (such as, SC-222W omni-directional dome or SC-248W directional panel antennas).

    • Cable splitter for multiple indoor antennas.

    • Sufficient low loss 50 ohm cable for interior/exterior antenna connection.

    • Lightning protector & grounded surge suppressor.

    • Ethernet cable to connect the booster to your router (for Sentry monitoring).

* Performance and coverage area are dependent upon the strength of cell signal outside of the building and density of structure and materials inside of the building.

Key product specs.

Supported Standards: LTE-A, LTE-V, PCS, AWS & AWS-3, T-Mobile 600 MHz, Sprint 800 MHz, AT&T WCS.
Max Gain 80 Decibels (dB)
Gain Adjustment Range 50 Decibels (dB)
Noise Figure 7 dB
VSWR ≤ 2.0
Max Output Power 3 Watt EIRP
RF Connectors N Female (both ends)
Power Consumption < 65W


Full Specifications.

Part Number: SC-Pending.
Uplink Frequency Range (MHz) 663–716 / 776–787 / 819–849 / 1850–1915 / 1710–1780 / 2305–2315
Downlink Frequency Range (MHz) 617–652 / 728–746 / 746–757 / 864–894 / 1930–1995 / 2110–2180 / 2350–2360
Supported Standards LTE-A, LTE-V, PCS, AWS & AWS-3, T-Mobile 600 MHz, Sprint 800 MHz, AT&T WCS
Input/ Output Impedance 50 Ohm
Maximum Gain 80 dB
Gain Adjustment Range 50 dB
Noise Figure 7 dB
VSWR ≤2.0
Maximum Output Power 3 Watt EIRP
RF Connectors N Female (both ends)
Cable SC-400 (not included with kit)
AC Power Adapter Input AC 110-240 V, 60 Hz / Output DC 19 V
Power Consumption < 65W
Operation Temperature -4º F to +158º F
Dimensions 14.5" x 11.0" x 3.5"
Weight 20 lbs


Read more about 5G and AT&T's 5G-E and learn everything else there's to know about 5G.

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  • I think it’s clever that SureCall saw that 5G was going to have some issues with receiving signals strongly in certain buildings and despite all the promises about 5G’s greatness, there would be some big issues. Personally, I don’t know if I should get a 5G phone but if I did, I’d get a cell phone booster to make sure it worked right.

    Lionel Driscoll on
  • what antenna will work best on streaming 5g on our tv. Is there a new network that will be the new 5g?

    Jeanne Coffin on
  • Another reason I like coming here—the latest news on cell phone boosters. I didn’t know SureCall cell boosters were available for 5G phones. Talk about getting right in on the action. I’m thinking about 5G phones but waiting for feedback from buyers.

    Lady Bluejay on
  • I can’t say I’m surprised SureCall has come out with a signal booster for the new 5G networks as they seem to have them for everything. This doesn’t seem right because everyone’s talking about how wonderful 5G is going to be. Why would you need a booster for the 5G network if it’s the best thing since sliced bread?

    Rodger Edwards on

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