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Case Study: Signal Boosted for Extraction Oil & Gas Inc. in Denver, CO

May 27, 2021

Case Study: Signal Boosted for Extraction Oil & Gas Inc. in Denver, CO

Extraction Oil & Gas Inc. Boosts Cell Signal in Office Building.

Extraction Oil & Gas Inc.’s Head Office is located at 370 17th St, Denver, CO in a two-storied building. Management wanted to implement a booster system to extending the overall cellular service in the building to improve the productivity of both employees and managers. deployed cell signal enhancing system that permanently resolved weak reception problem.


Office building has two levels that had very limited to no cellular signal due to its construction and location.

This limited connectivity was severely hampering employees and manager's ability to do their job and this had a huge negative impact on productivity.

Employees were also getting frustrated with the conditions and had to put in long hours to get their work done due to the time wasted waiting for proper connectivity.

The Managing Director of Extraction Oil & Gas was desperate for a solution.

Without improved cellular connectivity, he knew they were in real danger of losing their competitive edge in the market.

So, he did his homework and approached


It was specifically important for the customer that building guidelines be followed by running all cabling through conduit and metal junction boxes. This requirement was strictly adhered to, during the installation.

A system comprising of two Wilson Pro Enterprise 1100 amplifier systems together with 10 internal dome antennas were installed equally distributed in the building.

Exterior Donor Antenna Aimed Towards Direction of Maximum Incoming Signal:

Exterior Donor Antenna Aimed Towards Direction of Maximum Incoming Signal

View of Commercial Cell Phone Signal Amplifiers Installed:

View of Commercial Cell Signal Amplifiers Installed

Indoor Signal Broadcast Ceiling Antenna Installed Professionally:

Inbuilding Signal Broadcast Ceiling Antenna Installed Professionally

Cell Phone Signal Reception Problem Solved in Two Story Office Building:

Cell Phone Signal Reception Problem Solved in Two Story Office Building


After doing an extensive site survey and installing the Wilson Pro Enterprise 1100 boosters with their associated dome antennas in the building, reliable signal was available throughout both levels of the offices. Before the solution was installed, there was virtually no signal in the building, but this improved to a 3-5 bar signal throughout.

Business management also reported that staff were very grateful and happy that their complaints had been heard and addressed.

The moral of the story: Signal boosters are good for business. If you're a manager and see that poor cellular connectivity is harming specific aspects of your business, look to for a solution.

If you have any questions or if we can help in any way, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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  • Every time I read one of these business case studies, it reminds me how much the workplace has transformed from landline phones to cell phones and other wireless devices. There’s no way anyone can do their job today unless they have a strong cell phone signal and this oil and gas company found the solution with a cell signal booster. It’s safe to say not everyone needs one but if the building has problems getting a strong signal, you’re probably best to look at getting one.

    Adam James Petersen on
  • I’d love to get video testimonials from the various case studies you post here. Have you ever thought about doing that? I know that has a number of videos showing how to install cell phone boosters, but videos from customers would be fantastic (I think).

    Colin Carmichael on
  • These case studies about businesses and government offices using cell phone boosters are useful because they remind me that you can run into trouble getting a strong signal anywhere. I’ve read case studies about locations out in remote areas of Texas and areas in school districts where you’d think a nearby cell tower would be all you needed.

    Finn W. on
  • What’s helpful about this blog is that you get pictures to show what a signal booster system looks like when it’s installed. Depending on your business, aesthetics can play a role in any new equipment and no matter how much a cell phone signal booster system might help, some offices or firms will be reluctant to install something that looks like a wired monstrosity. Thankfully, this isn’t the case.

    Brad C. on
  • The office had “very limited to no cellular signal due to its construction and location” sounds familiar for Denver. I can’t say what the building was made of that it needed a cell phone booster system, but I know from visiting Denver that its mountains have to make things difficult for some areas trying to get cell signals. There are also many buildings that probably block signals.

    Nora Best on
  • It’s an eye-opener when I see how cell signal boosters can help different businesses with their cell reception. I never knew it was such a problem until I started coming here and that some people need boosters for homes, offices, RVs, and even boats.

    Carly O. on

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