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SureCall Fusion Professional Wins 2021 Residential Systems Award

May 26, 2021

SureCall Fusion Professional Wins 2021 Residential Systems Award

SureCall's most powerful pro-grade signal booster purpose-built for resellers, 2-way radio dealers and installers was recently named a 2021 Top Pick by Residential Systems. SureCall Fusion Professional won the 2021 Residential Systems Award.

Fusion Professional
BEST-IN-CLASS Fusion Professional is THE MOST POWERFUL for large homes and mid-size buildings up to 8000 sq. ft.
PATENTED 2XP TECHNOLOGY doubles uplink power to deliver more coverage area than any booster in its class.
EXCLUSIVE SUREIQ balances incoming signals, ensuring 24/7 uptime and continuous peak performance in both urban, suburban and rural areas.
5G COMPATIBLE: Fusion Professional supports 4G and 5G devices, including MiFi hotspots and datahubs.
MADE TO LAST with the highest-quality components inside durable metal housing. Designed and tested in the USA.

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In 2023, SureCall has revealed the SureCall Fusion 5X Max - check out its details for an in-depth look.

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  • Hey guys, that’s great that the SureCall Fusion Professional won that award, but the booster isn’t while not ugly, isn’t something I’d want to have on display in my home. An office, that’s different. Does the booster have to be installed someplace obvious like the center of my home or can I put it somewhere out of the way, preferably in a basement?

    Maurice Grell on
  • I don’t think there’s anything unusual about checking out an award since everyone seems to give them out. Word of mouth always gets my attention, but awards from long-running organizations are another good source for me.

    Abe Stevens on
  • Hey Josh. I checked out the Residential System Award thing because I was wondering what it was too. For future reference, you might want to do some digital detective work and just Google the name. I found a link to their site and this link explains who they are and what they do. I’m not going to vouch for them but advise you to check it up if you’re curious whether their endorsement of a signal booster or other item is any good.

    Jennifer Balazar on
  • Residential Systems Award? Is this a real award or one of those award mills where someone sets up an organization to dish out “awards” for a little quid pro quo? I’m not questioning this award but I’ve never heard of this group. I have seen other awards on for signal boosters from places I know like PC Magazine but this? This is like saying Dr. Pepper is a medical doctor. Does anyone know anything about it?

    Josh Stewart on
  • Nothing reminds you how unreliable landlines are like natural disasters. I’ve been through my share and it seems like phone service goes out first. For example, I have a backup generator but I have phone service through the cable company and that goes out, even if the power is on. Cell phones can be unreliable too because everyone starts using them, but a good cell phone booster could be the difference between getting through or not getting through.

    Dylan Parsons on
  • It’s challenging finding a good electronics product unless someone personally endorses it or you see it receive an award. You still have to be careful with awards though because just like fake reviews, there are suspicious awards too that seem like they’re for sale. Not saying Residential Systems is one of those awards but if it’s reliable, it will give people another reason to consider the SureCall Fusion cell phone booster.

    Robert Stockton on

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