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SureCall Force 5 Industrial Signal Booster Review

Sep 25, 2017

SureCall Force 5 Industrial Signal Booster Review

SureCall Force 5 Industrial Signal Booster Review confirms the following unique features of this industrial grade cellular signal booster or amplifier kit.

Force 5 Industrial Amplifier Kit for up to 80,000 sq. ft. coverage boost - All Carrier, Voice and Data Cell Phone Booster for Large Buildings. Available with 2 outside Yagi or Omni antennas, and up to 10 plus indoor Dome and/or Panel antennas. 

Unique Features:

  • Highest 4G data rate in the industry.
  • Linear Design increases the number of simultaneous users to 100+ per band.
  • Provides all carrier enhanced cellular and data reception for areas of 80,000 sq. ft.
  • Additional systems can be added for larger coverage area extensions.
  • Adjustable attenuation on both uplink and downlink -1dBm to -31dBm.
  • Booster, Low Loss 400 Cables and your choice of Outside (Yagi & Omni) available for purchase separately.
  • FCC Certified and Carrier Approved with Network Protection Features included.
  • 3 Years Warranty and 60 Days Money Back Guarantee. 
  • Lifetime Technical Support.
  • Requires SureCall Certified Contractor to Install, and requires Service Carrier's Approval prior to installation.

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  • “Industrial strength” is a marketing slogan I remember seeing slapped on every product under the sun but here, it’s more than the usual hype. It’s one thing to say “industrial strength tape” for home use, but in this case, “industrial strength” signal boosters are made for large facilities (unless you think 80,000 square feet is small). However, don’t think about putting one of these in your homes unless you want to get into trouble with the FCC.

    Linda Santiago on
  • “Can someone tell me how to improve cellular coverage in my house?” Your home’s materials are likely weakening the signals, whether it’s walls or windows. Now you can’t smash your walls and windows (well you can, but that’s not the best way to improve your signal), but you have some options. First, walk around your home and see if there are any areas where your signal is stronger than others. You may want to make calls from there. There are also minor fixes like switching to airplane mode then off (believe it or not, this works sometimes). You can also get a cell phone booster which increases the signal your phone is receiving. This should provide a strong signal throughout your home so you have fast data speeds, less dropped calls, etc.

    Ian Smithers on
  • This device looks high-powered for sure. Now what about something for the home? Can someone tell me how to improve cellular coverage in my house?

    Vernon Druthers II on
  • Whether you want a network extender or signal booster, you can’t get much more powerful than this device. I was looking for a universal 4g signal booster and came across this Surecall Force 5 review. It looks like it’s more than capable for meeting anyone’s need for an industrial cell phone booster. You won’t have to worry about dropped calls or poor signals with this device installed. People will probably ask why their cell phones work so well at the plant.

    Pat Hutchinson on
  • I’m going to start checking out big businesses when I am looking at my signal bar strength. If I can’t get a good signal I’m going to check around and see if they have a cell phone signal booster. I think a business owes it to their customers to have a way of heightening cell phone signal strength. Whether it’s a mall, a hospital, or a big box store, they should make it easy to use a cell phone.

    Leonard J. Fargo on
  • If you’ve ever heard the term “industrial-strength,” then you know what they mean when you look at this baby. This sounds like something that could power Stark Industries and Avengers Tower. If I had a large business, I would definitely want to get this cell booster. Not only does it sound powerful, but it has the after installation help you need such as an extended warranty and lifetime tech support.

    Michael Rickard on

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