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SureCall Fusion5x 3G & 4G Large Area Signal Booster Review

Sep 21, 2017

SureCall Fusion5x 3G & 4G Large Area Signal Booster Review

SureCall Fusion5x 3G & 4G Cell Phone Signal Booster Review (up to 20,000 sq. ft.) confirms the following unique features of this large area (big office or building) cellular signal booster or amplifier.

Fusion5x - All Carrier, Voice, and Data Cell Phone Booster. Available with 1 outside, and up to 4 indoor antennae.
Unique Features:
  • Separate lanes increase the number of simultaneous users up to 20 per amplifier.
  • Omni outdoor and optional 1 to 4 dome or panel indoor antennas.
  • Provides all carrier enhanced cellular and data reception for areas up to 20,000 sq. ft.
  • Remote Monitoring Sentry System Compatible.
  • Lifetime Tech. Support.
  • FCC & IC Certified and USA + Canada Service Providers Approved.
  • 3 Years Warranty and 60 Days Money Back Guarantee. 
  • Sentry Remote Monitoring feature available.
Review of SureCall Fusion 5x Signal Booster
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In 2023, SureCall has launched SureCall Fusion 5X Max - check details at preceding link for more details.

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  • I think the customer service that comes with these signal boosters is attractive and makes it more likely a customer would want one. The 60-day money back guarantee and 3-year warranty is very persuasive in terms of making things look like a can’t lose proposition. Next, you have the lifetime tech support so if you’re having problems, you can get help with the product. That’s how you market things IMO.

    Dave Webb on
  • I am out on the cusp of the suburbs and a rural area and I have one bar on my phone. The problem is what to do with an area with a large amount of space besides a home. If I’m outdoors, I need to have a strong signal for when I’m at work. This is a situation where I’m looking how to boost cell phone reception in rural areas (or semi-rural as I call it). This SureCall Fusion 5x sounds like it’s a good cell phone signal booster for rural areas, particularly large areas. I know this is the review for a SureCall Fusion 5x, but is this any relation to the Surecall Fusion 5s? Either way, this booster looks like what I need to get some good reception where I’m at.

    Ike Phillips on
  • I’m glad I finally found a SureCall Fusion5 review as I’ve been searching for a strong cell phone booster for a large building. The place I used to work at was an older building with a lot of dead zones, and I know this would be a helpful addition to any similar office building. I know there are different cell phone signal boosters for large buildings, so the more I can narrow it down, the better.

    Gary Ketchum on
  • This looks like a great way to improve cell phone reception in a large building. Does anyone know what the article means by “separate lanes”? If a business is looking for a way how to boost cell phone signal strength, then they need to check this device out. I like how it works for different systems (3G, 4G, etc.). Always good to see reviews before you buy something.

    Pete Sanchez on

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