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SureCall N-Range Vehicle Cell Phone Signal Booster Review & Video

Sep 18, 2018

SureCall N-Range Vehicle Cell Phone Signal Booster Review & Video

SureCall N-Range (with free 12v extension by is the most powerful cell phone signal booster for single devices in vehicles. It transforms weak cellular signals into strong signals, providing reliable cellular connectivity for clearer cell talking, instant texting, and fast 4G LTE data in stretches of the road with weak signals. It keeps drivers or passengers connected in the city, in the country and wherever you need to go. SureCall nRange improves all the mobile signals we use to call, text, run apps and stream data. It works with every wireless service carrier in USA, Canada and Mexico.

Extended Range Technology.

SureCall N Range uses Extended Range Technology or ERT which is the most powerful cellphone signal boosting system available. Unique to Surecall, this captures and boosts the signal at its strongest point to keep you connected to the nearest cell tower in areas where you would otherwise have dropped calls, undelivered text and bogged down data speeds.

SureCall nRange Installation.

Taking just seconds to install, simply place its antenna on the roof of your vehicle. Place the magnetic phone mount on air vent or with the passenger who needs the boost. Then power up the booster. Because it fits in the palm of your hand and usually takes less than one minute to install, it is easily stowed and transferred between vehicles.


When driving in our vehicles, our lives don't always exist within the range of a cell tower. However, you can still stay connected with this extended range signal amplifier kit.

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  • I used to wonder why you can be in your car on the phone and suddenly lose a signal. I was just driving the other day and I almost lost the call driving down the same area of road. Open wide with nothing you’d think would block the signal. I am so glad you can get cell phone boosters for cars because I drive a lot and like to catch up with people when I’m on long trips

    Ramsey Harris on
  • Sure Call N Range 1.0 I had was good but the 2.0 I bought made it perfect – The phone holder is much more stronger and holds the phones placed in it tighter than ever! I wonder how I got by so many years in Los Angeles without this thingy:)

    Owen Wilson on
  • Elijah, did you know there are now cell phone boosters you can use in your car and your home? You just have to take them apart and install them in the location where you need them. Therefore, you’ll have a vehicle cell phone booster and a cell phone booster for your home. As you can imagine, 4g cell phone signal boosters continue to get more versatile.

    JoJo Hughes on
  • When it comes to getting a vehicle cell phone booster, I think people have to ask themselves how much they use their cell phones in their vehicles and whether they experience problems like dropped calls, slow data downloads, etc. If the answer is yes, they may want to look at Surecall vehicle cell phone boosters (or any of the other ones out there). If the answer is no, you might want to save your money. In my case, I want to get a cell phone booster for my home and then one for my car. However, I’m not rich so I’ll have to get the home one first.

    Elijah Brook on
  • I like these videos. Yes, they’re glorified commercials but it’s a nice way to check out things like a Surecall vehicle booster. I’ve seen people praise these cell phone boosters for cars and while I haven’t looked at particular models like the Surecall Fusion2go 3.0 or the Surecall Fusion2go 2.0, they do interest me.

    Joseph Hogan on
  • I’m always thinking about poor cell phone reception when I’m about to go camping so it’s no surprise I’m looking for the best cell phone booster for camping. I don’t need an RV cell phone booster, just something for my car. This video helped me understand what a vehicle cell phone antenna looks like and how it’s a very easy process putting a cell phone booster in your car. I camp in a cabin so as long as I have a reliable booster in my car, I’m content.

    Christopher Higgins on
  • What’s the best cell phone signal booster for your car? I’ve heard about cell phone signal boosters for home and I know they’ve been around for some time now. However, what’s the quality of car boosters and are there any Surecall reviews out there? This product sounds great, but I can’t rely on an ad for a booster any more than I can for another product. I like reviews (especially word of mouth) and want to know what their track record is.

    Tommy Milton on

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