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WilsonPro Cloud Service & Pro 1000C Cloud-Managed Cellular Amplifier

Sep 13, 2018

WilsonPro Cloud Service & Pro 1000C Cloud-Managed Cellular Amplifier

Launched today, WilsonPro Cloud service is the cellular amplifier industry's first platform for cloud-based management and monitoring of cellular signal amplifiers. The first cell signal amplifier now available with cloud management support starting today, is the Pro 1000c from WilsonPro.

The Wilson Pro Cloud allows an integrator to manage and monitor installed cell phone signal boosters from a smartphone, tablet, laptop or any device that runs a web browser. You can get customizable email and text notifications to alert you to any status change of your installed distributed antenna system (DAS), including notification if a system ever goes offline.

With Cloud-based remote monitoring system, you can remotely reset an amp. unit or selectively turn specific frequency bands on and off so the integrator avoids costly troubleshooting site visits. The platform also provides report generation, performance and signal level histories, and organization of monitored amps by account and location. There's even a remote donor antenna tuning tool.

How does WilsonPro Cloud & Pro 1000c work together?

The PRO1000C amplifier connects to the WilsonPro Cloud right out of the box via an LTE modem on the donor antenna, or through a traditional hard wired Ethernet port. The wireless LTE connection is included in the annual subscription so no additional internet connection is required. The Pro 1000-C covers up to 35 thousand square feet of hospitals, hotels, warehouses and office buildings with enhanced 4G LTE and 3G cellular signal, including spaces where outside cell signals may not penetrate.

Wilson Pro 1000c (460242) Commercial Signal Booster Features.

The Pro 1000-C has a strong maximum downlink power of 15 dBm allowing for expanded signal coverage inside a building. This commercial signal amp. also includes Wilson's XDR technology. XDR, or Extended Dynamic Range, prevents cell booster shut down due to an overpowering incoming signal. The software within signal amplying unit checks in online more than 10 times an hour to update information, including system status, communication status, configuration changes, recent restart, gain changes, oscillation condition and more. Its color LCD screen is easy to read, and the menu is simple but powerful. The screen displays the relative strength of the outside downlink signal, allowing the integrator to easily make antenna position adjustments as needed.

Helps with troubleshooting.

In an event the cell amplifier loses power, the Wilson Pro cloud will identify the check in failure and send an alert if a troubleshooting site visit ever becomes necessary. An integrator or company I.T. administrator can review mobile amplifier history reports, and will know before leaving the facility what repairs or adjustments are needed at the client site. An integrator or whoever monitors this commercial cellular booster system can assign priority levels to the various alerts, configure recipients to receive text or email alerts, and filter what priority level alerts various recipients receive.

Compatible with all US cell networks.

This system offers the same cost-effective FCC and carrier approved passive DAS booster solution that installers and integrators have come to trust with the added functionality, alerts and troubleshooting of an enhanced cloud management and monitoring solution.

Summary of WilsonPro Cloud.

WilsonPro Cloud is an internet-based cell signal amplifier management system, and provides:

  • Customizable email and text alert notifications, including notification if the amplifier goes offline.
  • Performance and signal level reporting, with storage and graphs of historical data.
  • PDF Report generation.
  • Donor antenna “tuning” tool. Assists with installation of a directional antenna.
  • Organization of monitored amplifiers by customer and location.
  • Ability to remotely turn bands on and off, and amplifier reset.

Pro 1000C connects to new WilsonPro Cloud monitoring and notification service. Wilson Pro1000C purchase includes setup and one year of access to WilsonPro Cloud (SKU# 460242). As the WilsonPro Cloud subscription ends, an additional year may be purchased for $130. Pro 1000C connects to WilsonPro Cloud via an LTE connection through the outside donor antenna, or through a traditional RJ-45 "hardwired ethernet" connection. It provides end users with high reliability and guaranteed uptime.

To find out more about how the Pro1000-C can help you improve the service you provide to end-users or how you can tailor the WilsonPro Cloud to keep you better informed of all of your cell signal booster install locations, contact us today.

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  • This blog makes it clear there are cell phone boosters for every need ranging from home use to the major leagues like businesses. Do they have a cloud feature for monitoring residential cell phone boosters? It’s probably not as necessary as a business since many businesses have downtime where no one is present but it sounds like it might be useful for homes sometimes.

    Brooke Eliason on
  • It’s good to see cell phone equipment that is compatible with all the cellular networks out there. What if someone uses Verizon for their office equipment then decides to switch to T-Mobile? Why should they have to buy new a new cell phone booster and the monitoring equipment just because they switched? I imagine that can get expensive and could hold a company back from switching to a better network (or whatever their reasoning is for switching).

    Garrett Chandler on
  • I imagine if a business is going to get a cellular amplifier/cell phone booster, they don’t just want the best one for their budget, but they want something where the maintenance isn’t going to kill their budget. I’ve heard that these devices can be remotely monitored to help maintain them at peak output, and the cloud option sounds like another good way to remotely monitor things. It also sounds like it might save businesses some money by avoiding unneeded service calls.

    Brian Spears on
  • I’ve read a lot about cell phone signal boosters for office buildings and one of the big takeaways is that you need to monitor them to ensure optimum efficiency. However, unless you live at work (I know it seems like we live at work sometimes but that’s not the case), you can’t be there to keep an eye on your building’s cellular amplifier. It sounds like this cloud-based monitoring system removes the need to be there which is a big help, especially when it minimizes the need for site visits by troubleshooters. I’d like to read more about this as I’m very interested in the cloud. I’m particularly interested in what security measures are in place for this.

    Burt Oliver on
  • Cloud computing has really taken off over the last 5-10 years so it’s no surprise to see a cloud-managed cell phone booster. Can’t wait to see how this works out. I’d say it’s too early to gauge it, but it offers promise. For me, I’ll have a wait and see attitude but I imagine there are businesses willing to take a chance using this new technology.

    Chase Williamson on

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