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Wilson Pro 1000C Commercial Cell Signal Booster Kit | 460242

Wilson Pro 1000C Commercial Cell Signal Booster Kit | 460242

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SKU: 460242

Best Price Guarantee

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Product Description

Wilson Pro 1000C Signal Booster with Cloud Service Integration | 460242. 


  • Covers up to 35,000 sq ft with enhanced 4G LTE & 3G signal.
  • +15 dBm maximum downlink power.
  • XDR technology: Never shuts down, even with very strong outside cellular signals.
  • Sold as a complete cellular booster kit with all reqd. parts.
  • Full color display, indicating gain and power levels of each band, for easy antenna setup.
  • Compatible with all U.S.A. carrier wireless networks.
  • Extra Dynamic Range technology for continuous connectivity.
  • Integrated power supply.
  • Provides end users with high reliability and minimal downtime.
  • Free 1st yr annual WilsonPro Cloud subscription incl. wireless LTE connection; no add'l internet connection reqd. Renewal cost, if needed, is $300.
  • Expand coverage indoors even more by purchasing add'l 50 Ohm in-building antenna kits to connect to this 50 Ohm booster kit.
  • New: Wilson Pro 1000C connects to Wilson Pro Cloud via an LTE connection through the outside donor antenna, or through a traditional RJ-45 "hardwired" Ethernet connection. It enables installers, Building/ Home Owner, I.T. Manager or Property Management to manage and monitor cellular amps from a phone, tablet, laptop, or any device that runs a Web browser. They can get customizable email and text notifications to alert them to any status change of installed amplifiers, including notification if a system ever goes offline.

WilsonPro Cloud provides:

  • Customizable email and text alert notifications, including:

    • - Amplifier goes offline.

    • - Oscillation occurs.

    • - Weak or no signal detected.

    • - Performance and signal level.

      Reporting and history:

    • - Report generation.

  • Donor antenna "tuning" tool.

  • Organization of monitored amplifiers by customer and location.

  • Ability to remotely turn bands on and off, and remote amplifier reset.

WilsonPro 460242 is a top quality commercial grade boosting system for entire buildings and similar large building structures. Designed, engineered, and assembled in USA by Wilson Electronics/ weBoost. It is offered to increase the strength of cellular devices as well as boost data transfers (both uploading and downloading). This powered repeater unit is designed to provide in-building cellular coverage enhancements for businesses such as hospitals, hotels, warehouses, offices, and other properties up to 35,000 sq. ft. using this single boosting kit (can be expanded to use multiple amplifiers and antennas to cover larger spaces). The small but modern technology found within the booster allows for easy navigation, automatic controlling, manual adjustments, and quick installation.

Kit Components.

The standard Wilson-Pro 1000C kit with UPC 811815027843 comes with all the components necessary for your or our licensed technician to install the device properly (installation cost extra - submit details here for a free system design & installation quote). Included in the kit you will find:

  1. Wilson 1000C Signal Booster - WilsonPro 460042.
  2. Outside Directional Antenna Part # 314411.
  3. Inside Dome Antenna - Part # 304412.
  4. Lighting Surge Protector - Part # 859902.
  5. 2 feet Low-Loss Wilson 400 Cable - Part # 952302.
  6. 75 feet Low-Loss Wilson-400 Cable - Part # 952375.
  7. 100 feet Low-Loss Wilson400 Cable - Part # 952300.

Customers can extend the contents of the kit by purchasing an expansion kit. Optional indoor expansion kits (see above for link to purchase) are sold in Single Antenna (309906-50N), Double Antenna (309907-50N), or Triple Antenna Expansions (309908-50N). Product kits include:

  • Wall Mount Panel Antenna (x the purchased amount).
  • A 50 Ohm 2-way, 3-way, or 4-way splitter depending upon # of indoor antennas.
  • 2 feet Wilson 400 Cable.
  • 50 ft. Wilson 400 Cable (x the purchased amount).

Connectors for the coax cables have been strategically placed upon the 1000C Booster to minimize the likelihood of entanglements. The clear and illustrative LCD screen beside the display empowers the user to go through settings to maximize peak performance on the booster. The LCD screen has been designed for quick and effective control of the product upon installation and allows for manual adjustments to the uplink and downlink gain levels for each band.

Mounting your device.

Wilson Pro 1000C commercial grade cellular signal booster is best mounted in areas where there's little to no obstacles obstructing the path to the main antenna. Due to the design of the Wilson 1000C booster, mounting can be accomplished in virtually any interior space. It is advised that the mounting unit and outside Directional Antenna be within as much close proximity as possible for best results. Power should be linked to a dedicated circuit if possible. As this unit is a commercial grade product, mounting of the unit must be done by a licensed installation professional so we recommend getting a prompt installation quote from us.


Like all WilsonPro cellular signal boosters, this features cell site protections that auto-detect and prevent any cell tower interference. This model (Wilson 460242) is capable of increasing signal strength to a max gain of 70 dbs on 50 Ohm impedance. Connections are N-Female. Power is 100-240V AC, 50-60 hz, 30 W. Based upon the band selected the frequencies will vary. The frequencies available are:

  1. Band 12 – 700 MHz.
  2. Band 13 – 700 MHz.
  3. Band 5 – 850 MHz.
  4. Band 4 – 1700/ 2100 MHz.
  5. Band 25/ 2 – 1900 Mhz.

Above frequencies cover all wireless service carriers in USA including Verizon, Sprint, AT&T and T-Mobile.

Compatibility and Support.

It is designed to be compatible with all major US 2G, 3G, and 4G devices on all mobile service providers. Additionally, phones from the same major manufacturers will still be able to receive data plus voice enhancement from use of the booster. Communication and data increases are subject to the existing strength of the network signal outside. Businesses which have moderate to strong signals outside will see the most increase.

All Wilson commercial cellular signal boosters are supported with a 3 year warranty from the date of purchase. Any support questions or concerns about your product can be addressed by contacting us or the manufacturer.

    Optional Parts and Accessories (not included):

    Optional Omni Directional Exterior Antenna: 3G & 4G Omni Wide-band External Antenna.

    Yagi (included) is more powerful than Omni (not included, can be purchased separately), but Omni's attract signals from all directions and from all cellular service carriers. Omni's also do not have to be pointed to the cell phone tower.

    Installing Wilson Pro 1000C: Professional Installation by Certified Installers.

    This commercial cellular signal booster kit (WIL-460242) needs to be installed by a professional installer. We provide professional installation service that installs Wilson Pro 1000C in your commercial business or residential complex at an affordable cost. Please contact us for WilsonPro 1000C installation service by certified cell phone signal booster installers.

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