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Wilson Pro 1000C (460242) with WisonPro Cloud Specs. and Ordering Information

Wilson Pro 1000c 460242 Signal Booster Specifications and Data Sheet. Please wait, PDF should load in few seconds if not loaded already. If the PDF file does not display above, please check to ensure your browser supports PDF files. If a resolution cannot be found to make PDF appear above, please visit product listing page of Wilson Pro 1000c for more details. The following is critical information from the user guide without visual displays.

Pro 1000C with WilsonPro Cloud Service Integration.


  • +15 dBm maximum downlink power.
  • XDR technology: never shuts down, even with very strong outside cellular signals.
  • Full color display, indicating gain and power levels of each band, for easy antenna setup.
  • Compatible with all U.S. cellular networks Integrated power supply.
  • New! Pro 1000C connects to WilsonPro Cloud via an LTE connection through the outside donor antenna, or through a traditional RJ-45 “hardwired” ethernet connection.
  • Annual WilsonPro Cloud subscription includes wireless LTE connection; no additional internet connection required.
  • Provides end users with high reliability and minimal downtime.

More Details:

The WilsonPro Pro 1000C passive distributed antenna system is a wall mounted cellular amplifier. It is designed to provide enhanced in-building cellular coverage for all commercial spaces, including large homes, hospitals, hotels, warehouses and offices.

It amplifies weak cellular signals to provide reliable voice and data coverage. It enhances 3G and 4G frequency signals inside spaces where signals may not penetrate. With new eXtended Dynamic Range (XDR) technology, the amplifier never shuts off due to a strong outside signal or changes in outside signals.

Like all WilsonPro cellular signal boosters, the Pro1000C features cell site protections that auto-detect and prevent any cell tower interference.

What is WilsonPro Cloud?

Wilson Pro Cloud provides the following:

  • Customizable email and text alert notifications when A) Signal amplifier goes offline. B) Oscillation occurs. C) Weak or no signal detected.
  • Performance and signal level reporting and history.
  • Report generation.
  • Donor antenna tuning tool.
  • Organization of monitored amplifiers by customer and location.
  • Ability to remotely turn bands on and off, and remote amplifier reset.

Specification Notations & Disclaimers.

Each Signal Booster is individually tested and factory set to ensure FCC compliance. The Signal Booster cannot be adjusted without factory reprogramming or disabling the hardware. The Signal Booster will amplify, but not alter incoming and outgoing signals in order to increase coverage of authorized frequency bands only.

If the Signal Booster is not in use for five minutes, it will reduce gain until a signal is detected. If a detected signal is too high in a frequency band, or if the Signal Booster detects an oscillation, the Signal Booster will automatically turn the power off on that band.

For a detected oscillation, the Signal Booster will automatically resume normal operation after a minimum of 1 minute. After 5 (five) such automatic restarts, any problematic bands are permanently shut off until the Signal Booster has been manually restarted by momentarily removing power from the Signal Booster. Noise power, gain, and linearity are maintained by the Signal Booster's microprocessor.

The Manufacturer's rated output power of this equipment is for single carrier operation. For situations when multiple carrier signals are present, the rating would have to be reduced by 3.5 dB, especially where the output signal is re-radiated and can cause interference to adjacent band users. This power reduction is to be by means of input power or gain reduction and not by an attenuator at the output of the device.