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SureCall N-Range vs. weBoost Drive Sleek comparison

Jul 09, 2019

SureCall N-Range vs. weBoost Drive Sleek comparison

There are so many great cell phone signal boosters out there, it is sometimes difficult to choose which one is right for you. That is where we come in! Today, we will be talking about two similar types of cell phone signal boosting equipment on the go: The SureCall N-Range and the weBoost Drive Sleek. We will talk about their similarities, differences and make it a bit easier for you to pick one that best suits your needs.

Main differences (with all other benefits being equal):

SureCall claims that its kit has Extended Range Technology (ERT) which makes it superior in catching and amplifying signals from farther away cell towers. However, the cradle set-up is not as versatile as that of the weBoost kit. It requires you to stick a magnetic adhesive to the back of your phone which then attaches magnetically (quite tightly we may add, making the phone practically impossible to fall out) to the flat surface plate. That magnet attracting plate is fixed in place within your vehicle air vent grill.

weBoost kit, on other hand, has a more versatile cradle mount that is adjustable vertically so that you can insert any kind phone and then tighten it. This makes it more convenient to put different phones in the cradle whenever needed. Secondly, the cradle is held in place using a magnetic vent clip mount. Therefore, the full cradle itself can be removed from that magnet attracting metal vent clip mount, and placed elsewhere in the car where there's any metal that attracts the magnet on the back of the cradle.

Which would you choose? SureCall's kit that brags having an edge with better reception boosting power, or weBoost's kit more versatile phone cradle holder? 

Still undecided? Read on, to learn more details of each kit that may help you make your decision.

SureCall N-Range:

N-Range is SureCall's most powerful cell phone signal booster for single devices in vehicles. It transforms weak cellular signals into strong signals, providing reliable cellular connectivity for clearer cell talking, instant texting, and fast 4G LTE data in stretches of the road with weak signals. It keeps drivers or passengers connected in the city, in the country and wherever you need to go. SureCall nRange improves all the mobile signals we use to call, text, run apps and stream data. It works with every wireless service carrier in USA, Canada and Mexico.

Extended Range Technology.

SureCall N Range uses Extended Range Technology or ERT which is the most powerful cellphone signal boosting system available. Unique to Surecall, this captures and boosts the signal at its strongest point to keep you connected to the nearest cell tower in areas where you would otherwise have dropped calls, undelivered text and bogged down data speeds.

SureCall nRange Installation.

Taking just seconds to install, simply place its antenna on the roof of your vehicle. Place the magnetic phone mount on air vent or with the passenger who needs the boost. Then power up the booster. Because it fits in the palm of your hand and usually takes less than one minute to install, it is easily stowed and transferred between vehicles.

weBoost Drive Sleek:

Drive Sleek is brought to you by weBoost, a cell phone signal booster company with a proven track record of excellence and innovation. This is also an in-vehicle 3G, 4G, LTE cell phone booster for cars, trucks, RVs, boats. Though the Drive Sleek relies in part on an exterior antenna, its aerodynamic design keeps it from being hit hard by outdoor elements and offers an aesthetically pleasing look, too. The Drive Sleek suits those who drive or live in rural areas as well as those who like to get away from it all but also need to stay connected to home or work.

weBoost Drive Sleek Vehicle Signal Booster Install Infographic.

weBoost Drive Sleek Vehicle Signal Booster Install Infographic

The Drive Sleek's antenna is held by a strong rare-earth magnet so it is portable and can be moved from one vehicle to another because does not have adhesive for non-magnetic vehicle roofs. Purchase also includes an adhesive disk for mounting on aluminium or non-metallic roofs. Its charging port charges faster than a standard output, and its flexible cell phone holding cradle allows for a snug fit for just about any mobile phone on the market today.

The Drive Sleek works with all US cell phone networks such as Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile and Sprint. It aso works with all Canada cellular networks including Bell, Rogers, Freedom Mobile and Telus. Its installation is almost just as easy for most people, as its SureCall counterpart. It is backed by a generous 2 years manufacturer's warranty that is good enough for all practical purposes.


weBoost Drive Sleek has a smartphone cradle holder that adjusts to fit most mobile devices. It boosts signal by providing up to 23 dB Gain - Same as SureCall N-Range.

SureCall N-Range's touts patented Extended Range Technology (ERT) to provide reception in extremely weak signal areas where competiting boosters can't. Its cell phone cradle is essentially a flat surface to which any cellular device gets attached using provided magnetic adhesive to be stuck on the back of such device.

Both cell phone signal boosters cost the same at $199.99 and provide up to 23 dB antenna gain (reception power). Both are excellent fits for cell phone users on the go. No matter where you are, picking up either one of these great models provides you with extended coverage even in zones where normal cell phone signals just can't quite reach.

Whichever model you choose, you know you can count on our reliable service to get you what you need. Call us for answers to questions you may have regarding these two vehicle cell phone cradle signal boosters. Or consider the wireless versions of both manufacturers (SureCall Fusion2Go Max & weBoost Drive Reach) albeit, at a higher cost - both of which provide up to 50 dB Gain (higher reception power than phone-cradle single-device boosters) and enable boosting reception of multiple devices in vehicle simultaneously.

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  • One of my biggest pet peeves for buying things is when you get a comparison of two items and you come away with no real idea of why one item might be better for you than buying the other item. This comparison between SureCall’s N-Range and the WeBoost Drive Sleek admits that both are quality products. What it does right is explain what features are particularly good. You can make your own decision from there whether it’s liking one for having a secure spot for your phone (perhaps a bit too secure) or one having better reception.

    Destiny J. on
  • Looking at WeBoost Drive Sleek, I’m impressed with the cradle design. The last thing I need is my cell phone to get loose and start bouncing all over my car. That’s just one thing about this booster but by my past experience, little details like this are often a sign that the entire product is well-designed in every aspect. SureCall has a good reputation too so I’d have to consider them if I wanted a booster for my car.

    Randy Milligan on

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