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Comparison of 3 weBoost RV Cell Phone Signal Boosters

Jul 06, 2019

Choose the right cellular signal booster for your RV. Side by side comparison of weBoost RV cell phone signal boosters compares features, benefits, and major technical specification differences between recreational vehicle signal amplifiers. Enjoy the safety and security of improved cell signal during your next RV adventure with the weBoost Drive Sleek, Drive X RV or Connect RV 65 phone booster.

Detailed differences include:

  • Types of cellular devices they work with.
  • Options for single or multiple device signal amplification.
  • When the cell phone booster can be used.
  • How the booster is powered.

Technical differences as well as respective ordering info shown above. Please wait, PDF should load in few seconds if not loaded already. If the PDF file does not display above, please reload this page and it should show above.

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  • Are people still using these point-to-point kits or have they been replaced by other types of systems? The technology doesn’t appear that old but it seems like every time you turn around, there are new systems for helping with strengthening cell phone signals, wireless signals, and everything in between. What’s the purpose of the microwaves here?

    Madeline Diggs on
  • Some people think you shouldn’t use your phones too much when you’re on but I say, if you people want to text or surf online, they’ll either do it at home and skip the RV trip or go along and do their thing. If you want your kids to enjoy less screen time, just tell them no. You can’t do that with your friends or adults so make the best of things. Whether you get a cell phone booster might be another factor in getting people to travel on your RV trip.

    Craig Noonan on
  • Good comparison chart. Good thing I looked closely because the $199 booster wasn’t for an RV but for an RV tow vehicle. Same thing with the booster that is only for parked vehicles as opposed to RV’s that are parked or moving. Wouldn’t be happy buying a signal booster for my RV if it wasn’t the right one. LOL.

    Dale Kurn on

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