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Free Cell Phone Signal Booster Demonstration

Jul 03, 2019

Free Cell Phone Signal Booster Demonstration

Watch a commercial grade cell phone signal booster demonstration below to see how a commercial cellular phone booster improves network reception regardless of the service carrier. They work with Verizon Wireless, T-Mobile, AT&T Wireless, Sprint or any other mobile network. Submit questionnaire for free cell phone booster demo & permanent installation quote (must mention request for free demo in "add'l info" box at bottom) for your commercial building, today.

Onsite Cell Phone Booster Demo.

We surveyed a few people and the following were their responses regarding their cell service:

  • My cell phone service in the building is not great.
  • I usually waver between only one or two bars.
  • Cellphone service is pretty spotty here.
  • When I'm outside, I have normally three or four bars, but when I come inside, it is really hard to get the connection that I had outside.

What is the problem?

It is not usually their Carrier network causing the problem because here're the responses from those same people:

  • My carrier is T-Mobile.
  • I have Verizon; that is my phone carrier.
  • The carrier that we use on our phones is Sprint.
  • I actually have AT&T as my carrier.

The problem exists in modern buildings.

Constructed from concrete, metal and glass, many modern buildings usually have ongoing problems with cell signal connectivity because building materials block signals coming in. Sometimes other buildings weaken cell tower signal outside too, making it worse inside. The facility in the video is no different.

What is the solution?

The live demo shows immediate effects of a Wilson Pro cellphone signal amplifier installation. It works by taking existing signal from outside, and amplifying it to broadcast it inside the building. The video shows Wilson Pro live demonstration of how a cell signal amplifier can overcome building walls and other obstacles to provide strong reliable cell signal inside. It is a quick small-scale demonstration of a full installation. It is called a "soft installation".

An accurate way to measure cellular signal strength is by measuring it in Decibel Milliwatts (dBm), a unit of signal strength measurement. It is displayed as a negative number. Closer the number is to zero, the stronger the signal strength. In the video, an initial reading was about -93 to -96 dBm. From phone users surveyed, we see that it results in dropped calls and degraded data. Upon turning on the booster power, that band channel went to -51 dBm for signal, so there was superb improvement there.

Here're the comments from phone users afterwards:

  • I'm at 3 to 4 bars, and I have LTE coverage.
  • I have 4 bars and LTE.
  • I can go onto Instagram now.
  • I have two more bars right now than I normally do in this spot.
  • Wow, that is a dramatic improvement; there're whole two bars more than I usually have in this area, so that is awesome.
  • Yes, full signal now.

Are you a certified installer?

If you're a certifed installer, you can buy the cell phone signal booster demonstration kit at wholesale cost price to perform cellular booster demonstrations for your clients. A live demo is an actual proof of concept. Everything is contained in one kit. It consists of an outside donor antenna with a tripod. There're two sets of coaxial cables in it, so you take that outside donor antenna, put it on the tripod. Then take the coax cable, roll it in the door, and connect it to the booster. And then there's another short piece of cable that you take from the booster, roll it out to the internal antenna. Internal antenna can be on a little tripod too, and you can put that into a room or an area to show the actual proof of concept.

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  • Is this offer still open? With more businesses opening back up, I think some office managers would benefit from having a demonstration to show how their signals can be vastly improved.

    Rose Mansfield on
  • Hello I have 2 phones that have a horrible time keeping a signal it hangs up drops calls etc will one of your antenna help? I need one for inside and I use to have 2 I could place on the back of my cell phone to get a better signal. Do you have them available? Thank you Rebecca

    Rebecca tackett on
  • I don’t know about cell boosters. This video does look like they work but I’m not sure if I want to spring for the money. The one thing I know is that 9 times out of 10, my cell phone signal works better outdoors than it does indoors (especially when I’m at a shopping mall).

    Harv Ellison on

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