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Phone Booster Case Study in U.S. Virgin Islands Farm after Hurricane

Jun 11, 2019

Phone Booster Case Study in U.S. Virgin Islands Farm after Hurricane

Hurricane Maria was at its full category 5 force when it landed at St. Croix in U.S. Virgin Islands. It collided head-on with Ridge to Reef Farm. In addition to decimating the 130 acre farm all nearby cell towers had been torn down, which required multiple daily trips up a nearby mountain to make a call or send a text.

Nate Olive, owner of Ridge to Reef Farm, was cautiously hopeful when installing the SureCall Fusion4Home cell phone signal booster after similar solutions were unable to help. Much to his excitement, the Fusion4Home reconnected them with five full bars inside the main home. "We went from No Service to back in business after 30 minutes of installation", explained Nate Olive.

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  • This case study was too short to tell the story of how everything worked. The worst part was it perpetuated the misinformation that signal bars on your phone are an accurate measurement of your phone’s signal strength. What a letdown

    Rocky Middleton on
  • I’m perplexed by this. If a person gets a cell booster it helps strengthen a weak signal. However, if a disaster wipes out a cell tower, is the cell booster going to do any good? I’m wondering how it would be effective in disaster areas such as those affected by hurricanes.

    Freddie Clover on
  • Sure looks like this cell phone signal booster helped this person out after that Virgin Islands disaster. The important thing to mention is that you need an existing signal (even if it’s very weak) in order for the booster to work. If this person wasn’t able to get any signal, the booster wouldn’t work.

    Scott Hudson on

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